If the VIP pax wants a VIP partner they show up on the map

I had a VIP pax last night that showed me how it works when I brought her to her home. She logged into uber and its a special option for VIP pax when they are About to request a driver it shows on the map “VIP driver”. Sometimes there isn’t any VIP driver around so they go with the normal driver.

I bet the VIP Partner is randomly sent out. 4.70 is the lowest rating a driver can normally get. Below that they deactivate if you don’t bring it up. I get invites from time to time for various things. I ignore most do to where I drive.

No, I don’t even do close to that amount. Most I ever did was 6 one night due to being airport and I didn’t have permits yet. Maybe 4-5 a week…

It’s not fair, I’m up to a 4.92 still no VIP status. Matter of fact I requested a ride last week & a VIP driver showed up. He told me he was a 4.9. Funny thing he had bird dookie on his windshield…not very VIP’ish, imo.

I did’t know there are VIP drivers in San Diego, I know there are, ELITE drivers and VIP passengers. ELITE drivers in S.D don’t get any benefits to go along with that BS title. Uber gives you a title and expects you to have a wet dream over it.

We acknowledge you putting over 15k miles and would extend our partnership for another 15k. Just in case anything happens, we wish you well in your future endeavors. (And struggles)

I didn’t know there were driver levels. I did, however, get a text messy about my rating going from a 4.67 (probably the guy who laid his iPhone on top of my car and as I turned to come off a one way street, I accidentally ran over it) to a 4.9 this week.

I have been VIP for over a year, you don’t get one cent more, you just get dispatched by pax that want a VIP driver, which means he knows what he is doing. Again, you don’t get paid one cent more.

How far can they pull from? I wouldn’t want a ping from a VIP pax 10 minutes away when I have regular pax pings coming through 2-5 minutes away.

It’s the same, no different, all you see is VIP next to the pax’s name. You don’t get paid anything extra, the rate is the same. Uber just tries to make you feel special, which is a bunch of crock.

Dude the VIP title is a clear psychological tactic to make other drivers curious and work harder. It’s clear as daylight. Unless you get 2x pings or regular per mile rates, your VIP title doesn’t mean anything.

But then again they’re probably up there in HQ thinking “These idiots are ruining their cars for pennies. They must be dumber than we actually planned. Lets see if this “VIP” thing will get them all riled up”

Only benefit I see is that not only can you receive normal pings, you can receive pings from pax that specifically want you. So theoretically you could get more ride requests correct?

Sadly, I have acquired several significant moving violations, although none that showed up on three year window for the Houston TNC license. But I have a current deferred adjudication that won’t expire for a couple of months, hence, I can’t risk getting a ticket, otherwise both violations will show on my record, and another one within the next two years could result in a suspended DL.