If the rates suck that bad find another job

If I was working at a job and felt like I was being overworked and underpaid, I would take the appropriate actions to better myself and not be in that situation. Albeit it takes some time, but ultimately you control your own destiny.

If the man is okay with driving at those rates, what’s the problem? My gf complained to me about her job not promoting her and not making enough…my response to her was “Well what are you waiting for? Start looking for another job” Plain and simple.

People here that you are questioning have been through Uber experience for lot more than you have and have developed their own sense of what this company is all about. What their advertisement of making $5,000- a month working 40 hours a week is really all about, what their $1,000,000- per accident and the way they treat the drivers involved in an accident while Uberining is like.

If my wife took a job with a company that told her she would make $1500 a week, but she only adds $300 a week to our net worth after all her costs, I’d call her a dumbass. I’d go without sex for a week or two, but at 43 my libido is slowing down anyway.

I didn’t leave anything to drive for Uber. Just started doing it on the side. After the rate cuts I only continued driving to game the guarantee because the math works pretty good for that. Without the guarantee to game I don’t drive for Uber anymore. Why? Because my full time job pays me $168,000 per year. I don’t need a side job that pays a few bucks an hour.

You sound like you have it all figured out. Why are you so upset with threads you can choose not to read? Or didn’t your continuing Ed course on positivity teach you how to cope with negativity?

Game them for all they are worth. When that fiddle stops playing so does Uber.
Drivers may be a little slower at math but they are assuredly NOT that stupid. It’ll be fun to see how many drivers are actually left when the guarantee rug is pulled.

There was a LOT less complaining when drivers were getting where you are still at rate wise.

Your turn will come as will your cheerleading turn to reality.

I see the same thing during rush hour in the downtown core. Last time I ordered one on Wednesday there were 2 cars in my area. With a time of 4 min to get to me. (Ya right). This poor guy who responded sat in 20 minutes of traffic to get to me. I waited to get a driver who was amazing.

I can echo that 100%. I see what we do and what Uber does and I shake my head. It’s what would happen if we let loose all of the new MBA’s fresh out of graduate school do things without talking to their management who understand consequences to their actions.

I was out driving last night just sitting downtown about 12:45, app off waiting for no Uber available message on the rider app. That happened, surge got to 2.8 and all of a sudden about 8 cars including myself magically appeared.

Got 2 $60 rides from it, gave em some promo codes for people who hadn’t rode with Uber before and saved em some money, they were happy and I still ended the night with a 5* rating. I just feel sorry for the drivers who haven’t figured out yet to turn off their driver’s app when it’s close to closing time at the clubs, they can make far more than the guarantees with a little foresight.

gibberish is you claiming people will still drive when current drivers quit when its 22cents a mile
prices will never go back up even from that because you claim “new drivers will always sign up in their place”, as if there is no such thing as a price too low for people to drive for!!! according to you people will still sing up if you hav to pay Uber $2/per mile to carry people around!!!

It’s like the guy in the big expensive house telling people he’s doing fine in today’s job market when you @@@@@ about having trouble finding a job. Only in his case he’s mortgaged to the hilt and will eventually lose the house amyway.

The people complaining about the rate cuts are not doing so without justification. I just drive in surge areas or in areas where I know I usually get long ride requests
Having a sugar daddy, my living expenses are relatively low, so I can save money just with this Uber job