If someone pukes

Have them use a puke bag, if anything spills out or the pax is a jerk, put Saran wrap on the seats and spill the puke bag contents on it, then take a picture. Get your $200. Make sure it’s your last ride. If all else fails, lay out the Saran wrap and stick your finger down your throat.

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Take pics before you clean it up. The worse the pics look the better. Air the car out, clean the car thoroughly and I’d contact them again or go to their office. There is an issue with fraudulent claims, so they might think yours is too.

I did…I offered it to him…hes like na im not gonna throw up…5 mins later hes like pull over quickly. He couldnt figure out out how to open the dooor and then he puked all over the him the side and my arm/car door

Unfortunately it might not cost much to clean that up in their opinion and to drive to their office might not be worth it either.

Definite learning experience to have a better idea of the pax you are picking up next time. Cancel if someone is that trashed. Between the possibility of getting sick or violent in your car isn’t worth it. Insisting someone use your puke bags won’t get you 5 stars, possibly something worse.

Spend a few buck and get a few reusable grocery bags. Those plastic grocery store bags are a bit much for a drunk to negotiate. Not the canvas ones the plastic or vinyl ones.

Did you send pics to Uber ? What was their official response? Make sure you save those pics. You could always pay to have it cleaned and sue the pax. You would sue in small claims and send a subpoena to Uber requesting the pax’s information so you could serve the pax.

I don’t agree with the small claims angle, however if you get the car detailed, the express ones are like $30, save the receipt and use it as part of your deductions.

You would need to prove that pax caused that and you can’t unless you have DNA. You can prove the pax was in your car, that’s about it. If they don’t believe there is a clean fee they will not give you the pax info. Your best bet, like I said is to use it as a deduction.

Definitely not wrong. Just because someone was in your car does not mean they caused the damage. Your claim is for the damage, caused by a pax, who denies it. Not sure where you get the idea that you would win that case? I think the judge would believe you that the pax was in the car, I agree with you on that.

Not sure why he is going off on judges like they aren’t smart. You don’t need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, just a preponderance of evidence. Basically you just need to win by a 51-49 ratio or better.

Then you file a case against the rider using all available information. Then you serve a subpoena on Uber. They will be required to turn over the name and address. Then amend the complaint to include the full information of the rider and serve him/her.

Putting that aside, you wouldn’t win, first you will never get the pax info, don’t hold your breath and the second thing the judge will say after not believing you have proven you have the correct pax is how Travass denied your claim.

I’m really sorry this happened to you. If a Pax spit on you even accidentally it would be considered assault. I’m pretty sure vomiting would be the same. Get a dashcam for your future rides. It would have made this easier for you to claim.

Non-lawyers are allowed to discuss law. Just as non-auto-mechanics are allowed to discuss whether they should take their car in or not and what the problem might be.

Intent, reasonable doubt and juries are for criminal cases and do need an attorney. Great, so I’ll just sue you and say you were the pax who caused the damages then. Case closed. Thanks!

You can’t simply sue some random pax out of 100 and claim they caused your damages. You do need evidence as you stated that you do in fact have the correct pax. So you tell me how you intend to prove that? You don’t have a case, you don’t have any evidence, stop watching Judge Judy.

Always keep cheap grocery bags just in case to use it if someone pukes cuz it’s a waste of time to clean it up. and yeah, I’d agree to take pics. I remember last time of a panic moment when a jerk tried to puke in my car and we didn’t have bags. He created a mess in my car and I had a bad time to cleaning it. And Oh I completely forgot to take pics it to claim. He was drunk I guess, and the worse part is that he didn’t even bother to pay. So take pics on spot.

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