If PAX doing multiple stops

I always make the pax input the destination to avoid the "inefficient route’ complaint. If they’re just going one place, I’ll put it in and if they try to give me the “i’ll give you directions” crap I force them to cough up an address or close-by landmark for stacked pings. Usually a quick explanation of how stacked pings works gets them to relax on the “I’ll give you directions” crap.

I had an Uber driver try and take me from near LAX to Upland and was trying to follow his GPS. I could see that he was going to take me on a wild goose chase through streets for quite awhile before eventually getting to a freeway so I had to tell him how to just do a U-turn and get on the freeway.

I drive around the speed limit. I see no benefit of speeding. I had one person comment about my slow driving. I asked him if he would like me to drop him off here so he can get another driver that will drive faster. He made no other comments after that.

I have no problems making extra stops to drop off paxs. If i get 4 pax and they all want to get dropped off at their house, fine with me it keeps me driving. I will stop at a convenience store or gas station for cigs or soda.

This story shows the real problem with the Uber system as far as “ratings”. Asking a non-professional to give a rating to their driver was never done at Yellow Cab and it worked out fine. The passengers respected the driving decisions of the cabbie

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if I’m asked to speed I in turn ask the passenger to txt me (from the back seat) a request to exceed the speed limit. That always ends the conversation. when u ask people to go on record with an illegal request they always back down.

In the rare case that I will agree to a drive-through run I insist on keeping the food “hostage” in the front seat next to me until they get home. Never ever ever ever ever believe a drunk fool saying “I promise I won’t eat it in your car”.

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When I was driving Yellow Cab back in the early and mid 90’s, it was the height of the crack fad- there were a lot of patrons that wanted to go on drug runs in the ghetto. I didn’t go for that at all- too dangerous IMHO, although I’m sure some drivers did.

I had a firm rule in those days, and maybe it was discriminatory, but I just would not take white people into the ghetto period. I would however drive black folks there, figuring they probably had a legit reason, like its where they live.

I always made them get out of the cab and away from it to do their deal. I also made them pay what they owed at that point. One of my pax got busted by a decoy cop, but I didn’t get in any trouble.

I dislike slow uber drivers. Making traffic worse by going under the limit for pennies. I can only hope you stay in the right lane on any street, because I will have no problem being an ass behind you.


This is hilarious hearing all these people talk about always obeying the speed limit. Y’all are priceless. Really, it’s safer (and you’re less likely to get pulled over) if you are driving with the flow of traffic. If the river is running 5-10 mph over the speed limit, it’s safer than for you to be a lone crusader.


Can’t take the heat, get out if the kitchen. Cab drivers have dealt with this for decades. Uber (and their drivers) came along to show the taxi industry “how it’s done.” Man up or find a job more suitable to your “no tip” cries of a little girl.

What do you do about the points? I have had customers offer to pay the summons, even wave the cash in my face. I always have declined with the excuse that they can not take the points for me.

If they ask for anything illegal : More riders than seatbelts; exceed speed limit, run red light, find them drugs/prostitutes or whatever. Refuse the trip and toss them out. It’s the only, I said ONLY way to teach them.

Be an ass behind me will get you one of two things, one you’ll be going even slower because i will slow down or two you will be kissing my ass end because i will slam on my brakes and let you hit me, then ill see your dumb ass in court, i do 5 over the posted speed limit you have a problem with it, go around me plain and simple.

You keep convincing yourself that what you say is true. Its actually bullshit.

Funny how the cabbies have been shown up and cabbies aren’t making the money they used to, maybe check your shitty attitudes, clean your filthy car and lower your rates and you make a profit.

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What is “stacked pings”?

Driving the speed limit is one strategy.

I drive 5-10 mph over … passengers recognize the hustle. Tips are better for those in a hurry. Have you ever looked at the rate while driving? You are making pennies by driving slow … it’s crap. Get the passenger to his destination in a smart/timely fashion … then move on to the next ride. You’ll make a lot more