If it weren't for Uber and Lyft, I would be on the street

Becoming a driver of the rideshare industry has changed my life and I just wanted to share my gratitude to the rideshare industry.
I am a divorced, high functioning autistic mother of 3 teenaged autistic boys who suffers from a condition called hemiplegic migraines and fibromyalgia. Life has been really hard, to say the least!
Before I joined the rideshare industry (I drove Uber for a year and then switched to Lyft) I had been unable to work for 3 years. I had no income whatsoever because California State disability thought that me being in the emergency room twice a week with severe migraines wasn’t severe enough to warrant benefits. I would wake up paralyzed from neck to feet. I would become unconscious some times. Had paramedics called several times. Was pulled off public transportation while an ambulance was called.
I was desperate. And aggravated. And depressed by my situation.
And then a friend of a friend referred me to Uber. It Changed my life! I am now able to work when I feel well, and I work very hard and put in 14 hour days. But when I am ill, I stay home or in some cases go to the hospital.
I no longer have to worry about whether I will have a job when I get back or not. I don’t have to panic about missing too many days of work. I have income again and am self supporting.
It really upsets me when I hear other drivers complaining and being so ungrateful. If it weren’t for Uber and Lyft, I would be on the street.

I can understand how you, personally, have benefited from this being available, but you can also understand that for a vast majority of the people who are doing this kind of work, it’s pretty exploitative.

In your case, though, if it is all as you say it is, you shouldn’t have to work. There should be a strong social safety net for people like you and your family that says “We will see you through this.”

Unfortunately, working for these companies just puts money in the pockets of the people who are actively working to prevent that from ever happening in this country.

Same here I need my skin and insurance since I’m deaf wear a cochlear implant letting me hear the world. Ride sharing has made my life amazing again. Best thing I’ve ever done. Thanks uber and lyft

It’s refreshing to hear positive stories about rideshare and it changing lives for the better. I’m glad it’s working for you! It’s working for me too.

you are very wrong. Fibromyalgia is a mis fire of the nervous system thought to be caused or at least linked to the malfunction of certain hormones. Do research before making idiotic comments about a serious condition affecting thousands of people world wide.

I started having symptoms when I was 12 years old- when they had no name or diagnosis for it.
Blood test?! There is no blood test! Its not IN the blood! I feel sorry for uneducated individuals like yourself. When I was 12 I woke up to the feeling that my elbow was broken. The doctor didn’t believe me. 2 weeks later the pain fell to my wrist. After extensive testing they said I had JRA. But I would be a mangled mess if that were the case. I’m not. But the pain, loss of motor function, disorientation, depression…all those things are related. Along with rashes that mimic lupus.

I wouldn’t even respond to this jerk. He will never understand fibromyalgia no matter how much you try and explain it to him. God forbid if his significant other or a member of his family should get this.

I have learned to live with it. Suffer through the constant pain and do what I have to anyway. But the migraines, those knock me on my ass. I can’t get around those. And you. You are a heartless and evil man.

Great post! I am in the same boat. I had back surgery last year and still have a lot of problems even after the surgery. Uber has worked out great for me and I love doing it!!!

it is a catch all when the doc doesnt know whats wrong, something is wrong they just give it a catch all name, i know they pull that on me.

it may not be dangerous but is real. We in real pain and for some can get so real with there pain that they won’t be able to move. Is so painful that can make you have suicidal thoughts just to get rid of the pain. So I believe it can get dangerous at that point.

Girl you not the only one that is going through stuff times and health problems, yes we blessed to be able to drive when we want and turn it off when we want to. But a little bit of more money will help us all and they just being greedy. I’m very sick to and this is why I chose to drive for Uber/lyft but we killing are body faster and they don’t care :woman_shrugging:. I have lupus/arthritis my body can’t handle a regular job or schedule at that. My body shut down and when I can’t move I can’t move. So I know exactly what you feeling but we still entitled to complain because they being unfair and we need to be realistic. Do they care that most of us driving have a health problem and this is why we choose this type of job because disability qualified people unfairly? All my organs soon would shut down and I continue to have mini strokes. My family have no idea what I’m going through because I refuse to put them through this. If people like you just settle for pennies we would never get no where in this industry that don’t care for us at all as there partners. So yes it is okay to complain when all we get is pennies to make a living and take care of our families. Here in NJ they pay 69 cents a mile 13 a min, PA 86 a mile 16 a min and you think that’s fair? You kidding me right? Most of us drive 10+ hours to bring home decent money every day. So there you go don’t tell others what they shouldn’t do when the industry is very unfair.

I’m not sure it’s fair to say “most people” do this because of health issues but it certainly does give flexibility to those who have difficulty holding down a real job because of them. We all have our own reasons. And I sure hope this fills a void and helps you accomplish your goals.

This is why I appreciate Uber and Lyft…and the complainers and whiners are more of a problem than anything the share companies ever do…the constant running down of the industry has caused a lot of ill will towards the companies and I hear it all the time from my passengers, how they hear all the complaints and is it really as bad as they hear?? Rideshare has done a lot of good for drivers and pax both …so if you don’t like it don’t do it…but shut the f**k up about all the complaining.

Thanks for share your story. It encourages us to keep on the road. Good luck! I wish you could have better days. I’m in the same boat you are in i have Multiple Sclerosis i have my good days and my bad days. I had depression. Meet people and drive around the city is good for me. I talk with everybody and it improves my mood.

you guys are amazing! keep it up! :pray: I too have medical conditions that cause me to not have a regular job. I love driving for uber and Lyft

Some nights I’m bored alone at home. I go to the airport and hangout with others drivers while waiting for rides. It makes me better, and make some money. Like you, ridesharing changed my life.

Unfortunately Uber doesn’t respect my chronic sinusitis and multiple chemical sensitivity. Don’t have an issue with lyft. But yeah rideshare helps a lot.

Don’t your receive benefits for being autistic and with 3 autistic children? I’m sorry to hear that but I’m happy that this platform has worked out in your favor.