I would say try Lyft, they seem to be less shady

I am going to look into driving for them soon. Uber really doesn’t care about the safety of their female drivers. All they told me was, “Since you are severing your partnership, you shouldn’t have this problem anymore.” Really? What if someone gets hurt? Drivers have assaulted passengers, right? What’s stopping a passenger from doing it to a driver? It will happen eventually, but not to me. If you know other female Uber drivers, warn them. I do think that driving in daylight hours is safer, if you have to keep doing it. Good luck.

I just signed up for Lyft. I am going to take a short nap. The weekend wore me out. I am going to put a hat on, wear pants (since I did not work my other job today) and head out close 1 am. I will Uber until the pay period ends (4 am). I will gauge if my dress down appearance helps. I am definitely considering upgrading out of UberX. I think UberSelect should have better clientele?? Will post my results as I go…Thank you! God Bless!

I don’t think so. I remember about ten years ago there was a company that started up here that had mini-scooters to ride after you drove drunks home. The idea was to store it in their trunk and take them home…too bad that failed. I guess they were ahead of their time. I almost worked for them. The only thing keeping me from going with Lyft right now is that I don’t have a smartphone (i know). I am always the last to do stuff…it’s ridiculous. Natural rebel.

My ratings went up when I stopped with the water, etc.

I dressed conservatively, talked about my husband and kid (also have set my profile pic as a family pic of the 3 of us, which I think also set the tone before I even arrived). It may help that I’m a mother, married, 32 and out of shape; I have still had a few drunks making advances or indecent proposals, but nothing overbearing or intolerable. I’ve given out my personal phone number, too. Never had an issue.

I never wanted to carry a weapon, but my mom got me pepper spray for Christmas. I kept it on my keychain. I was shocked by how many guys recognized it and mentioned something about it. Makes you go hmm.

I have kicked pax out before working Uber, and Cab4Now has posted guidelines for Ubering, most of which I’ve stuck to long before Ubering anyway.

I’ve been driving a VERY long time professionally, and this (how long) shows in the attitude of drivers generally.

You were being subjected to sexual-harassment on the job. Do not call it anything else. It is illegal. When you finally get your smart phone find the audio record feature and learn how to use it.

My advice applies equally to a young man with a cougar in the back or next to them. Although in my experience cougars are much more subtle unless they are drunk. In which case they are equally as offensive, disturbing, and threatening as their male counterparts.

I always dressed professionally, never offered snacks, did not chase surges, etc. Some men are simply lonely predators. I had a solid 5 star rating for the first few weeks, as well. That does not change the fact that a person can contact you through your “anonymous” number the next day, week, or month, and that is the real issue here. It is not my fault that I was harrassed and Uber should have taken my concern more seriously.

Number one rule, on Uber, hit Fare Review and select other. When you get home there will be an e-mail and respond “client made me feel unsafe.”

On Lyft it’s more difficult. Note the time and and name and then write them when you get home with as many details as you can remember. Remember the key word “unsafe” as it flags the e-mail for more thorough review. Also, a 3* or lower will make sure you never get that client again.

You are driving at night and I gather it’s in West Palm Bch and the surrounding area. Clematis and City Center are full of drunk arses late at night so deal with them and just effing smile and drive, don’t be a jerk, if the customer wants the radio then put it on, why is that a problem?? Also don’t go recording people, you will be laughed at if you try to do something in the courts with what drunk people are saying.

The problem with that is that I never felt unsafe until I kept getting phone calls and texts from someone from my Uber number. I don’t know who it was. It could have been any of the people I gave a ride to. It could have been more than one…I’ve no idea. That is why it is so scary.

Uber knows. They are not anonymous texts and calls to Uber. They have the riders phone number and name. Forward the texts to Uber including the timestamps. They can look them up easy.

If Uber cared about finding out who was harassing me, thay would have addressed it when I went in and showed them on my phone. They suggested that if I felt unsafe that I could call the police and that I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore since I was severing my partnership.

Uber knew who was harassing you. They could see the texts. But under our legal system of innocent until proven guilty it always falls to the victim to prove their case. Would you feel comfortable uploading screenshots of the texts you received? If your avatar is your real photo, I suggest you change it.