I would evict pax

I’d give them a warning, an opportunity to improve their behavior. Neither you, nor your property, is obligated to suffer rider abuse of any kind,so yes, you can evict riders on that basis, but make sure they are a threat to your safety, well being, and/or that of your personal property ( your car ), etc. You can’t get rid of them because of race, religion, etc. In other words, just because someone is praying to Allah isn’t probable cause they are terrorists. Getting a web cam to record rides is a good idea.

I would just one star and report after the end of the ride… This after-hours is not a woman’s job… In many places … No disrespect or harm intended… But just like you can’t call the cops whenever someone hits on you on the street the same applies here…

I have no idea what the rate is in your market. With that being said, if it is less than $1 per mile, I cannot imagine why anyone would work for such a tiny amount of money while feeling the need for a dash cam and self-defense courses.

Forget the Uber support dweebs. I would calmly tell them that what they are saying makes you fearful and threatened and that you will not hesitate to lock the doors and find the nearest cop or precinct to discuss this matter with them. I bet the shit stops right there and then.

Wrong Uber follows the code of conduct for drivers and clients. I always deal with the rude jerks with the dash cam and firing off a email to Uber. Never once have they taken the side of the client and 4 bastards in San Diego are either banned from Uber completely, or Uber puts a ban on the client from being able to hail me.

I bought two different cheap dash cams and they sucked. So instead of buying another I looked on Google Play and found AutoBoy Black Box Drive dash Camera app. So I took my old android and use that as a dash camera it works great.

Legitimate reasoning however even if she stopped driving Uber I’d STILL recommend the course and dash camera. But yeah driving at these rates is not worth the wear and tear.

Do you know peoples intentions? NO. So, its better to call 911 or did UBER give you, us a special number to call, when you feel threatened or verbally abused or sexual innuendos are made towards a driver. It does not take long for someone to attack you, it takes a fraction of a second.

Yes absolutely you can and this is one thing even Uber encourages. I mean don’t make a habit of it but if the rider is being unsafe or harassing you, you can give them a polite warning that the convo isn’t appropriate and not welcome.

I’ve kicked out two pax out of a thousand. I dropped them both at hotels downtown because is it a safe place for them to wait a minute for the next ride and also because I know the doormen and valet guys will help me if need be.

Yes you can kick anyone out at anytime if you are being disrespected, but you probably won’t get paid for the trip, and the PAX will complain and Uber will frown at you and ding your rating for the month. However Uber makes money with or without you and being expendable is a crappy feeling.

Strippers are usually escorted to parties by one or more bouncers, because they know there going somewhere private with a bunch of drunks and no means no. Two large men can enforce this rule. Just like in the wild when animals see a predator they avoid the predator.

Many people do not wish to control the situation, they prefer to play the victim or actually be a victim, look at some of our own customers how many of them complaint about crap after the trip and when they could have just told us what they wanted while the trip was in progress, no it’s far easier to complain after the fact.

Do not use mace inside the car unless you have to. Get a good metal pen, keep it in the same accessible spot in your car at all times and not with your other writing pens. I do not carry mace but other self defense weapons including a metal pen.

True to a point. If I am forced into a lethal force situation any attempts at simple intimidation are done. They are trying to kill me and I fear for my life. I won’t have to worry about what the prosecutor would say since the situation that forced me to use lethal force would be legally justified - as would be documented by my dash camera.

I carry a Glock 23 …40 caliber handgun tucked just under left arm…(right handed) only time someone sees it is when and only if I feel my life us threatened or excessive physical injury I have a below knee amputee on right leg that I lost while serving in Afghanistan

I advocate learning self defense and have training in it but, honestly, there are any number of things that can go wrong. You never know how much training the other guy has. You never know if the other guy is armed with a weapon that would trump your palm heel strike.