I won't transport kids who require car seats

That’s just a headache I don’t need. But transporting teenagers is no big deal. I pick up kids at a nearby boarding school all the time. I also pick up kids who need to shuttle between mom’s house and dad’s place. The parents have no desire to face each other, so Uber/Lyft is the perfect solution for them without have to deal with taxi cab scuz.

Again transporting pax from a to be for $$$ is either taxi/limo service. BTW Our company requires children 5 and under to have a car seat. Some make it sound like every taxi company is satan.

Ride sharing is carpooling or multiple paxs in my book. Even though Uber doesn’t like the moniker, it is a taxi company, and that’s all there is to it. And more municipalities aren’t falling for the horseshit line of "We’re not a transportation company.

I’m thinking I may want to change my personal policy. I don’t transport kids who require car seats. I just don’t want the hassle. However, I do transport uncaged dogs for a $10 surcharge. Maybe I should do that with car seats - $10 surcharge to throw my canvas drop cloth over seat and install child car seat. What do you all think?

A timeshare is two or more people sharing a dwelling. They aren’t sharing time at all. In fact, it’s setup to AVOID sharing of time. Each participant is given separate (not shared) times they can use it.

I do drive kids with carseats IF their parents are with them. And where do you get the surcharge thingy from? New business deal? Hell, why not smack all Uber’s pax with some baloney surcharge solely instigated by the driver? Like a ‘gas’ surcharge allowed to be arbitrarily tacked on at your discretion?

If the word reflected what is actually happening, then yes, it would be dwellingsharing, or realestatesharing, or condosharing, etc, etc… Time is the one thing that is NOT being shared. Again, etymology is funny sometimes.

Your citing has nothing to do with the pax. It’s between Uber and the driver. The default agreed rate between the driver and Uber, for lack of any other agreement is the rate addendum.

The fees Uber charges the drivers for Uber’s services are between Uber and the driver. It’s a take it or leave it negotiation as those fees are established in the contract.

The fees the driver charges for the rider for the driver’s services are between the rider and the driver. The contract between Uber and the driver can do nothing more than recommend a fare. It’s none of their business to set it. If it was, drivers would be employees (or franchisees).

Uber presents those same fares to the pax through their platform, who, when hooking into their platform, are provided drivers who’ve agreed to that fare and the attendant services for the fare to the pax.

I assume you are talking about a dog unaccompanied by a pax? The first time you pull that stunt with a seeing eye dog with a blind pax both you and Uber would be promptly sued. And I doubt Uber allows such surcharges in any case. You can probably turn down the fare, but not cut a deal outside their app.

Uber is recognizing in the contract that they can only recommend the fare because that’s all they can legally do WITHOUT making the driver an employee or franchisee of Uber. So that “recommended fare” is all you’re going to find in this regard.

There is nothing in the terms of service agreement between a driver and a pax. Perhaps you can focus on the issue of charging surcharges to pax outside of Uber’s system to bring some clarity. Somehow or another you got led off into an irrelevant tangent.