I wish people come up with creative ideas to make better use of a Uber driver down time!

A rider told me he needed to jump a car, had triple A and calls them only to be told it would take 90 minutes for them to arrive. He then thinks creatively and requests Uber which upon acceptance immediately calls the driver and asks him if he can jump his car and he can start the fare right away if agreed. Transaction was completed!

Another funny image in my head. After a small talk with the cop just arresting you. Officer. This is not my package. I’m participating in a riderless ride share. I am not doing a delivery. This is a ride share. My rider just happens not to be in the car. … no I’m not high officer.

Is there any situation where this doesn’t apply? (Assuming the driver’s life is not endangered or something illegal going on where the driver is risking jail time.) A big enough tip will cover… almost anything.

Yeah, this is not something a professional driver should be doing.

That said, you’ll probably find lots of Uber drivers who will do it.

There are messenger companies that will do this for you. Some airlines will even do this for a fee. Sorry but Uber is for passengers, not freight. If you think there are regulations around moving people, try running a freight company.

The only safe way from the driver’s point of view, is for the driver to collect the suitcases, with your friend, who rides with the suitcases to your house.

Then unload the cases, and the same driver takes your friend back to their home.

My Escape Hybrid only has a little 500 CCA battery to run the computer and accessories. The couple of times I’ve jump started other vehicles, I’ve hooked up the other car, and let my electrical system charge their battery, then disconnect the cables and let them start on their own.

use uber, just call the driver and work it out with him or her. I drive for a living, whether its people, animals, or freight, I drive.
(sure, I do limit the animals to domesticated pets that behave)

Chauffeurs are asked to do stuff like that all the time. Time poor Exec off a late flight asks to go straight to a meeting and asks the driver to drop luggage at hotel and text back receipt no. Or stuck iin meeting and gets you to pick up bags first then go to office.

Uber is evolving into a logistics company so it is going to happen eventually. Sanctioned deliveries with insurance and what not are very appealing to my not wasting my down time baddass self

Depends on the driver, I think most would. Hell, I deliver cookies to some dudes niece for her birthday. Gave me a $50 tip, just had yo drop them off in their mail box at the nieces house ;-). Yep $50 cookies plus the cost of the uber ride. Must’ve been some damn good cookies. The fact that she needed them at 1:30 am was a bit crazy, but not my issue. Just the transportation device.

Drivers must carry around a portable back scatter X-ray machine or risk being deactivated. Cost for machine will come out of drivers pocket. All pax, please take off shoes and place them in the bins with your pocket contents.

That would be a great supplement to our massive Uber incomes too. Find drugs on riders, pull out our special Uber badges and confiscate the dope for resell to other riders. We’d keep 80% of the gross sale. Much less on small quantity deals, of course.

Actually, there’s an app for that. I just have women remove their tops for the ‘security check,’ fire up the app (it’s called ‘CAMERA’ on my phone), and begin the screening! If they’re really big-chested, I also require a manual search. You never know what they could be hiding in there, and Uber and I are all about safety.We’re partners you know.

I’ve delivered keys a couple times, and would have no problem delivering suitcases.

Once you’re matched with a driver call to discuss the situation and make sure the driver is cool with it.