I wish more cars came with selective door locking

It is extremely easy to do a bait n switch where you are picking up a passenger, you are paying attention to the passenger side of a vehicle and when you unlock the door, (generally all) you can have some one who snuck up on the driver side and open your door and either carjack or pull you out. Anything sexual, once you finish the fare, mark them as one and report them to Uber. In all honesty, Uber does not care if you are raped or attacked.

I am a male in Scottsdale AZ the women at night after drinks are worse than the men. I always politely tell them your not suppose to touch your Driver with a laugh. Women love to touch your shoulder while they are in the back.

I feel like I’m at risk of occasionally needing to get assertive quickly as needed. Because people forget how to act right. Sometimes they are outer limits drunk, horney, in some type of heightened dude/bro agressive dick frat boy mode or whatever. And then the person who came to pick them up and take them where they need to go looks momlike or cool or bangable or whatever.

So occasionally I have to reach down into my assertiveness storage and get abruptly and professionally real to snap them back into my realm of needing to get them somewhere safely without any bullshit. It’s not my normal vibe, but it’s available to me when needed.

If I perceived myself as being at a higher risk of being assaulted-I would definitely have to weigh that carefully against the earnings potential and decide if it was worth it. For me currently, it’s only barely and occasionally worth it, without any perception of being at higher risk of assault.

I understand and respect a persons need to feel safe and make decisions for themself to ensure their safety. If I don’t feel safe -I let my riders know that and tell them exactly what I need from them to get back into safety bubble realm.

I agree with icwashinc that women are worse. First off they look me up and down immediately I guess trying to determine whether they are prettier than I am, I’ve had problems only with females.

I don’t see anything wrong with picking up from a strip club. Flirting- Men will flirt, especially if you’re attractive. Happens all the time. I ignore unless they persist. I drop off in suburbs, ALL THE TIME. Those are actually the best rides, because they’re distant. Most fall asleep on the way.

Get out of the car before having that conversation though. Ever seen the video of the Uber driver getting sucker punched?? Yea, dont talk shi* with them sitting behind you…IJS

Nope, you have your sh*t next to you in the front seat you’re a disorganized mess in my opinion. The car should be clean with minimal accessories. What “office supplies” do you even need next to you? You’re driving a car, cheap excuse to push people to the back. Talk about living in fear.

I had one passenger complain about her last Uber driver who had “snacks and stuff spread out all over the front seat.” It’s amazing the things that people do notice and care about. A tidy car is a good idea.

If you have to build a fort with sh*t to block of passengers you’re doing it wrong, or right if you’re a taxi apparently. My pax hate the taxi companies here. It’s the internet so no one’s going to change what we’re doing lel it’s fun to pretend though

I don’t like anyone up front if there are fewer than 4 people but have allowed 1 of 3 to ride in the front seat due to his size. I try to purposely keep my front seat filled with something at all times. I pick up from almost anywhere and I drop off almost everywhere.

Pepper spray and a Slap Jack! Keep the Slap Jack under your left leg so it’s accessible. It is a very effective weapon. I guarantee if you connect it’s nite nite! You can purchase one on Amazon for $15.

Women drivers safety issue is a big one. A lot of people are not used to the idea of women as their driver. Generally bar crowds can be rough. Some of the drunk passengers can overstep.

You gotta do what you gotta do. If you don’t feel safe in a situation you shouldn’t care what the rest of us think. I do like the suggestion though that you keep the front seat full of stuff, or you might try putting tape over that lock post so it doesn’t pop up when you unlock the doors.