I will share the plan we have in place for my wife in case of a carjacking or some similar situation

First of all, you as a driver should NEVER place yourself in a situation to “tell” a rider to “get out of your car”.
If anything kindly tell them that due to your safety is best that I NOT provide you with this ride.

  1. Rider complies and gets out.
  2. If rider does NOT comply & becomes agitated.
    Make noise with the horn. (May be enough to scare them out of vehicle) If not scared out of vehicle then:
    Undo your seat belt and bolt out of vehicle. Go as far away from it as you can.
    Leave your FUber phone in vehicle (So that if car is taken it can be tracked).
    Do keep a cheap pre-paid phone with you at all times.
    Go to a safe location with people around and call emergency number. (That is a stored number of law enforcement(not 911) on your pre-paid phone listed under I.C.E(In Case of Emergency))
    Most importantly, YOUR safety is primary to anything else.

I’m also a woman. “Get the **** out of my car!” Worked nicely for me on Christmas Day when some ******* young people wanted to pile 7 people in a car. Followed up with, “Get out or I’m calling the cops.”

I turned on my hazard lights, parked on the road stepped out and called 911. If it happened now I would definitely be sure to take my keys and phone with me.

if what you say is true about being in customer facing positions longer than suewho has been alive then I am amazed they let you out of the oldfolks home let alone operate machinery.

As for you knowing about trolls is that from self reflecting daily?

As for your vast experience on customer facing positions, was this observed while you were on your back facing them?

I have read all off your posts and it certainly appears that you are a complete waste of oxygen anp perhaps instead of putting members on your ignore list you should infact ignore the world and go and have a lie down in the cemetery

Everything has its risks, Taxis ARE riskier than Uber cars because they do street hails. But Taxis here have external and internal CCTV (riders images are ALL recorded). All conversations are recorded once the hidden emergency button is hit, and once that is done Vehicle tracking of EVERY Taxi allows immediate support from other cabs and response from Police knowing exactly where the Cab driver is.

Try getting that level of emergency help from Uber if you have a passenger with a weapon. You gonna ask the perp “can you just hold on a minute whilst I email my Uber office”?

In some areas UBER is highly negligent in the level of emergency support and assistance it provides to its Public Vehicle drivers.

The price was why I never signed up for CompuServe. I’m curious, did you have a separate line put in?
I remember yelling at my brother “Get off the phone, I’m trying to use the computer!”
Good time.

If you notice strange behaviour, try and engage in conversation, find a common ground between yourself and the rider you have concerns about. Talk Girls, sports first off. Anything to “humanise” yourself in the eyes of the person that’s creeping you out. If you get grunts and/or aggressive responses you are in trouble. Start revving up your fight/flight thought processes.

I just spent the loveliest time with a family touring here from Columbus. Really opened my eyes at how nice Americans can be. But you know Michael that unfortunately not all of your fellow Americans are like that.

i have been wondering the same thing. Perhaps her first day was her last day, i wouldnt be that surprised. My bet is she will pop up under a different name soon. Strange one.

No. I had an email exchange with support where I asked them not to send me a particular rider anymore, and they said there was no way to do that. I got 3 more calls from them, and I ignored every one. Unsavvy tech co

You hit them in the head with a baseball bat and then charge them a cleaning fee.

Just kidding, of course.

You dial 911 and sit tight.