I went to traffic court in Norcross today

To brief those of you who aren’t up to speed - I got ticket for speeding in a school zone. The ticket costs $810 plus fees plus points on my license. I decided to fight it. Ok - you’re now caught up.

So… on the waiver form I selected “Not Guilty - jury trial” which was reserved only for those with State code violations… which mine was. The judge was a decent judge with a good humor about him and he expressed a willingness to allow Nolo on any infraction where it was allowed - as long as the defendant was entitled.

I saw how he handled his caseload - and decided at the last moment to speak with the prosecutor to see if I could cut a deal. I offered $300 and the prosecutor said he couldn’t go that low… but he could give me $500 and no points and no need to go Nolo… so I decided that was a fair way to go. I get to keep my Nolo option for the future… no points on my license… and I shaved $310 off the fine. There it is.

I might have prevailed in State Court… but then again - I might not have… and there would have been the hassle of going back to court… so I took Option B.

Some other guy who got caught in the same school zone was blasting the cop to the judge about the cop needing more training and how unprofessional he was… and the judge sent his case to State Court… so I figured that the cop with definitely show up in State Court - and thus the case wouldn’t be dismissed.

And how fast where u going school zone? And was there really a need to speed In school zone or u didn’t notice? 56 in a 45 that goes down to 35 when the lights are flashing. I didn’t see the lights flashing, as my view was obstructed by a box truck and the signal was overhead on a curve.

That’s crazy before I moved out here I got a ticket in Arkansas 45 and 25 which was the school zone and I only got $150 ticket

One more thing I forgot to mention… my private pax this morning told me that he wasn’t sure that they could waive the points if I took it to State Court. He told me not to make any decisions because of that… but the guy used to be a cop…

I’m assuming that by giving me no points - they took it down to something like “Too fast for conditions” or similar… so I have no idea, really, whether or not it will show - but I certainly hope not.

I have no sympathy for someone speeding in a school zone. Need to go as slow as possible, a kid could run out from anywhere.
It should be $2,000

I think it’s safe to say we all feel that way but as any Driver knows it is not difficult to miss the school zone when working in unfamiliar territory…I know Doug would be the last person to “intentionally” speed in such a designated area

No kids; no school buses; overhead sign placed over the center lane on a curve… and me in the outside lane speeding up to get around the box truck which totally blocked the flashing lights.

Wow, I’m family with that road. It’s a very busy road and its easy to speed because everyone is usually speeding. I try to stay within 10 miles of the speed limit, but at times I do 40 - 45 in a 25 when the car in front and behind me are also doing 45 especially after 10am

Thanks for sharing, I have to keep that in mind when School starts. I think $800 Is a little steep. I make sure I stay within 5 - 10 miles within the speed limit. Alot of drivers including my self do 45 in a 25 when its after 10am and kids should be in class.