I wasn't told that the passengers would continue to have access to your cell using a Twilio number

Uber should let you know this clearly up front so that driver’s can’t honk through and better manage the risk of being stalked.
Passenger probably did use “find my phone” to find my address, unless, of course, Uber provided that too. He came to my house inebriated and pounded on my door at 9:45 p.m. I handed the phone to him while my husband stood a foot behind with his taser in his pocket. The exchange was uneventful.
What I find most disturbing is that I received no reply to my urgent queries to Uber CSR until after it was too late to be helpful, at least two hours. I suspect they may be understaffed on the weekends.

It takes DAYS to get ANY response by UberCsr…thats why they Have NO Phone #…Not for Drivers/No Phone# for Customers…They Dont Want to communicate with anyone for anything really…Just drive to earn them $$$

Why not just mail it to him and if he wont give his address send it general delivery where he can go pick it up at the post office. No way are they coming over and no way am I going to spend my time getting it back to them.

I wouldn’t have opened the door, he’s drunk but he can track his phone ? Unbelievable. …
Bang on my door, I would have called the cops on him to teach him a lesson. I’ve returned a phone while working for a limousine company, guy said thank you and gave me a hundred dollars.
When I drove a yellow taxi, I would sell the phones I found on eBay. Obviously uber has the worst clients.

Perhaps you missed that I did in fact attempt to return the phone at the drop off address. Yes, some post responders implied a certain bitterness toward Uber, but most early responders provided essential info that unfortunately wasn’t provided by Uber as quickly as I needed.

Coming to your house is out of line as far as I’m concerned, he could have told her, here is my address, mail it to me. Or he could have picked it up at the local uber office. Are uber drivers supposed to be on duty 24/7 ? I for one, would not given it back to him. And yes, why can’t you turn in lost property to a police station?

I caught it, good first attempt, not really here to pat you on the head for the one part of this whole thing you did right, what I’m talking about is when you actually spoke to the customer and didn’t say, no that’s okay I’m not interested in you coming to my house, give me an address and I’ll bring it to you now. Done. Lesson learned.

If you find something in your car, open the window and throw it away.

A wallet with 50 bucks? The drunken pax asks: where is the rest from the 150? (smell at your fingers)

A cell? Why do you scratched my display. It was brandnew. And were is the charger?

Forget it, it´s only trouble and wasting time and fuel.

I’ve had 2 phones left in my car. Both times the driver called and I took it to them. No charge because if I leave mine in a car I want it back.
As for the poster that says we should open doors, haha, that was some funny stuff and a great way to get your car stolen or wear the starter out if your turning it off 20 times a shift.

There should at the very least be a finders fee which covers the transportation costs in getting the item back to the rider. I still feel that mailing it back to them is the best route. Driving it back to them should at least result in a fee to cover for your expenses

In any event, when anyone steps out of my car I look back to see if they left anything especially if I am dropping off at the airport. If I have to get out and help them with luggage I will open the back door to see if they left anything. If I dont have to get out, I always look over my shoulder and take a look. Sometimes I will turn on the lights inside if its been a trip over 20 minutes and tell them to make sure they have everything.

ve had an Ipad, a phone, a sweater, sweatpants and keys left in my car. Each time its been a a big waste of time resulting in no extra cash. The Ipad I caught when I did my usual sweep and was able to get it to the rider before I took off. The phone was complicated and took 30 minutes of time during a really prime time. The other items are still in my trunk and I have no idea what to do with them. I emailed Uber and they said they contacted the rider. I never heard back.

Your right who wants weirdos in their car and coming to their house to get their weird phones? Your husband should make you quit, besides after gas and wind shield wipers you are losing money anyways. I would quit if I was you.

No hoops at all. I’ve gotten the $10 returned item “fee” at least a dozen times. All you do is email uber and tell them which trip it was, what was lost and tell them that you returned it. They’ll add $10 to that week. Works every time!

I worked for a limousine company that wanted me to call the NYPD for a scratch on a MercedesBenz.
The cops need the work, going to drop off lost property at a police precinct isn’t going to be a strain on the police force.
Honestly if I found his stupid phone, I would have shut it off, told the guy I didn’t find it , and sell it on eBay. There is no proof you found his phone.