I was losing money in Detroit

It took me six weeks to learn why. For starters there aren’t surges in my area like some other markets. So watch your market for surges as that seems to be THE game changer. Also just because there’s a surge on your app doesn’t mean you will get a surge fare. Surges can be fleeting and no one here seems to recommend chasing a surge. And pax learn to wait them out or drop location pins outside the surge map. Then the gravy ‘airport’ runs carry risk if your market’s airport requires chauffeur license, commercial plate, & commercial insurance. In Detroit you risk tickets and your car impound. Uber supposedly pays the tickets & impound but my time is valuable too. So I can’t risk having a bad day at the airport. Then there’s your rate per mile. Here UBERX is .75cents a mile when you have a pax on a trip. No .75cents for dead miles to and from a trip.

yeah sounds a bit off putting. i need a new car anyways and was considering uber and LLC just so i can offset the costs, maintence and gas but in dont feel like driving people around for free

You don’t have to answer but how well is fairly well? Hrs driven for how much profit? I live close to south beach Miami Florida which is always busy so I’m assuming this would be a good region? Like nyc or any other city that does not sleep. Main reason I want to get into uber is I need to buy a newer car and if I uber I can claim it and running costs on tax effectively giving me a “free car” plus some pocket money for my troubles

Those are mostly newbies or bottom 10 percent of your high school class
There s no money in Uber x under 1.35/mile which was gone a long time ago
If it’s not surging 1.5 or more you are taking the equity it of your vehicle from Uber and that’s all folks

People driving plus black suv are making maybe $12_18 an hour if you are smart about it other than that you’re just wasting your time Uber x at least do lyft till the power hours thing is gone then quit would be the best advice here

If you’re making that according to irs then I say keep doing what your doing
But on Uber x at a $1 a mile gas $4.00 a gallon in la with anything other than a prius taking non surge rides minimum rides you’re making$0

Think about it if you were making money iRS would be the first in line to take money from you for taxes so if you don’t owe any self e employment tax

People will take issue with this, but
I make 20-35 dollars an hour depending on whether the Giants are in town, whether there is a convention, and several other factors. Lately, it’s been closer to 20 per hour (market flooded with drivers in San Fran) after expenses, but I have been in the driver for hire game before uber existed so I know what I’m doing.

Lyft in Miami just had rate cuts to cheaper than Uber. They are trying to gain customers because people were complaining it could be an entire day without a ping.

wasn’t planning on buying a new car just for uber. I need a car anyways as I’ve move further west from Miami beach and need wheels. In south beach you didn’t need a car. These numbers still sour of uber select??

You can pay a moderate ($330/mo) car payment by working three weekend nights per month in San Diego. Maybe two, but count on 3 occasionally. Maybe 4. Depends on demand, and some luck.

You have to work the drunks downtown, and the drunks in PB, but you could pay for a car by working three evenings (10 to 24 hours depending on the cosmic dice.) in my town. That is providing you start watching surges on your app right now. Record what part of town surges, and when.

Do this while driving the local hotspots provided by your local Uber website. There are videos of what parts of your town are working at what times. The time-lapse videos help.

I live in Miami Beach (surfside) and driver uber Fri Sat and Sun for about 3-4 hours a night up down and around the beach. Occasionally, I get a few rides that want to go to Brickell. I’ve done the math and I average $14/$15 an hour after expenses (gas). I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all. I have had lots of people tip me a few dollars here and there. I find that the people that don’t tip are the party people.

Even though Uber pays drivers directly on pay per trip basis… They claim they are not driver’s employers. But they assigned drivers to pick up customers, collect money and insurance premium per ride.
Uber ask drivers to offer customers with water and candies from their own pocket.

Most drivers simply do not understand their expenses. They think driving around is only costing them gas money. They do not fully grasp just how much it truly costs to operate a motor vehicle. There is alot of debate on this forum about just how much these costs are and they do vary depending on they type of car you have, how old it is, your driving habits etc etc. A good ballpark figure is $0.50 - $0.60 per mile for EACH mile your drive whether you have a passenger or not.

I would suggest consider a used car right after the lease. These are 2-3 years old and has about 25k mile, it would be a best choice for you if you like to haul people for Uber.

Regardless of what you read here, it sounds like you’re curious to try it. Just give yourself a GOAL. I’d say 3 months. Then look at your numbers (mileage spent, gas spent, cash flow earned, tickets, court, etc). Then compare it to the abnormal experiences while driving.