I was involved in a wreck while transporting a passenger a few months ago

I was rear ended.
It’s a mess of a case but the driver ran.
This post isn’t about the particulars.
Lyft is ultimately responsible for this.

Edit: I HAVE COMMERCIAL INSURANCE. Lyft is on the hook because I was in app with a passenger. My insurance will not cover it because Lyft’s coverage supercedes it.
My insurance did not and will not drop me over it. Every state has different laws, so stop projecting YOUR states laws onto this case.

The reason for this post is just to let people know about how awful the lyft insurance is to deal with.
Getting a hold of them is a full time job. I do have a lawyer, by the way.
Lyft does not cover rentals. Lyft does not cover loss of use.
My vehicle has been in the tow yard since April 28
I’m still making payments on it and it’s totaled. 16,000 in damage.

If you have settled a claim with lyft’s insurance I’d love to hear about it.
If you have a similar issue as me, I’d love to hear about it.

For the rest of you, get out of rideshare asap.
Use your flexible schedule to gain skills to make real money at a real career.
This job is dangerous in multiple ways and there’s very little protection.
Not to mention the rise of autonomous cars.
Any day now a single lyft/uber driver could go on a rampage, kill people, and legislation could pass ending rideshare in your state or on the national level.
Develop an exit strategy sooner than later.

I was in a hit and run but on Uber platform… a drunk driver hit me with passengers. Thankfully we were all ok and my vehicle did receive damage. Uber doesn’t carry property damage unfortunately and my insurance even though I do carry was not wanting to cover anything they actually dropped me! It was a nightmare. I ended up switching insurance companies and got actual rideshare coverage pay out the butt for it but so worth it… and Ubers insurance actually did end up sending me a check to cover some of my damage after all.

First thing I did was call my personal coverage. They couldn’t offer me coverage and told me they would drop me if I did rideshare. I then obtained a commercial rideshare policy with Geico.

I had an Uber related accident on 4/21. Pax in car. Other person at fault. Uber insurance, farmers, handled my injury. Geico, my insurance, was primary on my car. All handled well. They and my lawyer will be going after other party and his insurance.

You don’t have your own commercial rideshare insurance to help you?

Uber doesn’t cover rental or loss of use either. Unless you have the optional insurance AND was injured. Then it’s only $500/week.

I don’t think exiting the ride share economy will do any good, what we need is to develop an app that can be autonomous self regulating that we all can maintain, that way we won’t be slaves to a company that skims on any kind of insurance, an app that will look out for us, because it won’t have board members to make rich,

I have liberty mutual and they don’t offer rideshare. I’ve been told Geico does… Will be looking at switching

No fucktard. I am telling it how it is.
Shit is dangerous.
I have to drive lyft because I noe have 2 fucking car payments to pay along with other bills.
So I have to work at my normal job AND lyft just to get by.
Why don’t you fuck off and go be wannabe edgy somewhere else.

divesting eliminates income tax. Form 4029 (I believe. Can’t remember exactly) allows you to opt out of medicare and SS.
Registration has to be paid no matter what because I have to have a car with or without rideshare.
Same with insurance.
I have to have commercial insurance for my other businesses so it’s not anything extra.

Depreciation is not that big of a deal when you buy used and cheap.
If you’re dumb enough to buy a brand new expensive car for this you’re dumb enough to eat those costs.

You are dumb if you think you are the only one who buys a used car but you wont be dumb when you finally work out that all these costs come off your takings and eventually you will realize all this and get out of this mugs game !!!

so your regular insurance won’t cover the car because you were driving for Lyft and Lyft isn’t covering for you either? something doesn’t add up

Mystery formula = insurance clause to exercise if you don’t inform them you drive Lyft/Uber so they can deny.