I want to say a HUGE thank you to fellow Uber/Lyft driver (in the Long Beach, CA AP Queue tonight)


(Jill Aron) #1

I was having a bad day. I had been in the queue for 2 hours and the app kept kicking me out, I was starving and had to go to the restroom, I finally got a ping and my car wouldn’t start (ongoing issue with Honda). My roadside assistance wouldn’t tow me to my house because I was 65 miles from home, I had no one to pick me up (2nd car is also in the shop), and I couldn’t leave my car because it wouldn’t lock (all electric). I thought to go ask Larry if he had jumper cables. He did and was genuinely happy to help. My car started so I could drive home and I was no longer stranded. I offered him all my cash tips from the day (all the cash i had on me literally) and he wouldn’t take it. He said someone helped him out recently and he was just paying it forward. He also said is ride share drivers have to stick together and help each other out. He has no idea how much he helped me tonight. I am inspired to know hat genuinely good people still exist. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :heart:

(Jose Hernandez) #2

I guess we can call him “Larry the Cable Guy” :joy::joy::joy: Sorry if you’re reading this Larry. Just kidding! Couldn’t resist.

(Anderson Lee) #3

There is an actual key inside your smart key fob on your Honda. You slide open the little button pull out the key and insert it into the key hole in your front driver side door handle to lock all the doors if the battery is dead.

(Kenneth Miller) #4

Other side. Hold with chrome piece up. Look for indentation 1/4 way down. Inside indentation is slider switch. Holding fob in both hands slide and hold switch left while pulling chrome part (and your keys) UP! Voila hidden key attached to chrome piece slides out.

(Paul Garcia) #5

I never heard of that myself I would probably call up the 1 800 customer service at AAA that doesn’t make any sense

(David Smith) #6

That’s what they did to me! Luckily I didn’t need a tow and now have a AAA Gold card! Still haven’t used it

(Audrina Jameson) #7

I have AAA Platinum package. It’s $125 a year. I pay a little bit more for two reasons.

  1. That is the only policy that will cover a motorcycle when I ride my bike. It is also the only policy which will cover a motorhome or RV if you have one.

  2. They will cover you for a 200-mile tow!

You get five tows a year… The first one is the 200 which I just mentioned, the rest of them are up to 100 miles. Absolutely fantastic to have.

However if you still want to save yourself some money but still have a fair amount of Towing, you can get the premier package which I think is around 80 or $90 for the year. You get five 100 mile tows.

As long as we’re talking about it and having advantage two things, how many of you drive a vehicle with OnStar capability? You would be surprised at the amount of add ons to the OnStar program are available.

Discounts on restaurants and car-related discounts on parts and service and accommodations and so much more.

But wait kids, we’ve saved the best for last!!!

Download an app called RetailMeNot… Absolutely fantastic app which can save you a ton of money on things.

And yes… It’s free and you don’t have to sign up for anything!

I was in Ruby Tuesday’s the other day grabbing a bite and was curious if they had an online coupon. They do! Saved $5 off my meal… Went back a couple more times so all together I’ve saved 20 bucks just because they were on there. So many discounts for so many things out there if you look and check :slight_smile:

(Peter Dave) #8

Awesome! Get on AAA and hopefully that will cover you and when it comes to riding on the two wheels… Keep it shiny side up :slight_smile:

(Mitchel) #9

amen! Thanks! I have been stranded. Not fun! Had to pay $600 bucks to tow when the peg broke off when I went down on gravel in the dark. Any extra discounts definitely helps.

(Amanda Halen) #10

This is so great, Ashley ~ here are to all those great Uber and Lyft angels out there! I too recommend Triple AAA. Definitely worth it. Good luck!

(Maurice Nixon) #11

How does sitting at the airport make any money?
Everyone is always complaining about how long they’re sitting in the queue

(Andrew Martin) #12

Might want to check your car insurance. My daughter in laws mom cancelled her AAA Membership because her insurance has roadside

(Kimberly Nelson) #13

you guys really know the sense of a “group” because I find these groups in social media just bad people trying to make others drivers feel bad bullying them

(Sharon Green) #14

I always keep jumper cables in my car and I always stop any ask anyone I see if they look like they’re stranded

(Sue Cooper) #15

I think cars need more storage compartments! Lockable. Someone needs to invent one with a smart engine style, ample seating and huge trunk space for under $15K for rideshare only. Oh what an UBER deal that would be!