I’ve been thinking of getting a new truck in a few months

Hey Drivers I’m buying a new truck sooner than later & thinking to go bigger to qualify for the “black xl” I currently have a Nissan Armada in silver that is horrendous on gas. Also would you get a bench in 2nd row or bucket? I have 5 kids so it’s my personal car as well.
Edit to add*** I won’t drive a mini van** just hate the look & drive

If you want xl get a minivan that’s good on gas. To do “uber black” you need commercial plates and insurance. From what I’ve seen there’s not a lot of regular demand on lyft lux.

My dodge caravan I used to have was a good vehicle. My kids loved it and passengers thought it was super nice. Power sliding doors were awesome also for forcing people to get in the back instead of the front. Sold mine with 105k and was like new.

Toyota Sienna is a great vehicle. The Black / SUV / Lux stuff is not worth it. The amount of stuff you need to do to qualify makes it stupid for the few requests you’d get.

I love my Sienna… easy for passengers to get in and out and get into the 3rd row… people are always commenting on how roomy the back is and how comfortable…

always has negative crap to say and thinks he is always right. :roll_eyes: Dont pay him any mind.

Exactly! What truth?! That you are right! Maybe it is maybe its not. Its not your decision. And nobody is lying to do black there are other and more procedures to follow in order to qualify so maybe it is not worth it. Who knows. Joseph is stating his opinion. Deal with it.

You don’t wanna invest in black car/SUV, fine, you have your reasons, which you explained but don’t say it’s not worthed it

I have Chrysler and consume too much gas also the Chrysler engine burn oil even if it’s new and if you don’t add oil to engine it will be completely damage because of heat .

Oh I thought you meant which Dodge engines have I owned, right now 2005 Ram 1500 4x4 Quad cab with the 5.7 Hemi 175 k on it and a 2014 Chrysler Town and Country with the 3.6 v6 133k on it, 100,000 miles with Uber and Lyft

Imho if you’re thinking of a suburban, you need to go tlc or limo plates to do uber black. Otherwise you’re gonna kill that thing and not make any money. Doing this rideshare stuff you have to try to be economical and drive smart. It’s the only way it works.

Ride-share car is a devalued car or van for xl. If you getting a new car go Uber sub or black

I just bought a suburban and I love it but it also the sun and sound luxury package. You wont get black xl unless its OL or TLC registered. I dont know where you live but I got a guy in woodbridge that will give you a good deal if decide to get a suburban or tahoe. This is my “boat” lol

Lux doesnt seem to get alot of requests. I think if you want to make more money and drive less you have to be up north and do uber black, with tlc or limo plates.

I’ve had 2 American vehicles…brand new. Both sucked.

Then bought German…loved them.

Japanese too; both Honda & Toyota.
The Japanese vehicles you cannot kill. Treat them well with maintaining…and you will be fine.

Although, I prefer a German vehicle any day.

I was thinking Audi Q7 but it’s too small for my crew & the Benz truck yeah nope he won’t go for that

I drive Honda Civic for both Ride Shares.

I get lots of compliments for cleanliness and people who are interested in buying one.

Mine looks great for a 2012.

Excellent on Gasoline too.

don’t let people fool you, telling you black car is not worthed it, don’t worry about the 15 hours, i was home watching Hulu and Netflix for 10 of the 15 hours. If you can go for black car go for it