I use this ride as an example of the difference between Uber and Lyft passengers

Two girls at Target, drag me off the couch to come and get them, about 3 miles to pickup. From the Target parking lot you can see Macy’s - it’s a parking lot away… Not a mall, more like a shopping area with a Staples, a florist, a Lowes, a few chain restaurants… I didn’t measure it, but it was a 2 minute walk max. They want to go to Macy’s. I took the long way to the edge of the parking lot, around the perimeter, and back up to Macy’s. No tip. It took longer for me to come get them from 3 miles away than it would have been to walk it. Over privilege much? That, to me, is Uber passengers. They probably think they did me a favor.

Well, it depends on the weather. Here, it is way below freezing, and I can understand. Also, it looks like the trip was pretty late at night. You never know what could happen. 0.35 miles would take a good ten minutes to walk.

I’ve had quite a few just a couple of block runs, same on purpose and some because they didn’t realize their destination was so close. My shortest was to take a lady across the street. It was a major road and pouring rain, so it kinda made sense, but that one annoyed me because it wasn’t a short pickup.

Picked up 2 drunk college girls at bar closing. Started trip on a one way street. Girl gets a text from a girl friend needing ‘help’ at a bar 3 blocks behind us. They correctly determine it would be quicker to walk than have me drive the crowded streets circling back to their friend. Ended trip within a block. Helped me do 6 trips that hour for a very decent hour.

Across the street. Got a ping from a hotel in Downtown. It was right next the the hockey arena and there was a playoff game that night. Rider called me a number of times asking why it was taking so long and why I wasn’t moving. I explained that I was stuck in Hockey traffic and would be there as soon as possible.

To a parking lot across the street, but it actually took two miles since that’s the only way to get there by car in her defense it was because she had a sprained ankle and didnt want to walk. Still, easiest two bucks ever

.2 miles. Took 2 minutes and that’s only because we got a light on a busy La Cienga Blvd. Beverly Hills. Beautiful young gal had 3 trays of Starbuck’s coffee she was taking back to the office. I helped her get in and out (how could I not?). She was most grateful.

I had a four block trip once, dude hoped in and said “Look, it is 100 freakin degrees outside, I am trying to meet his girl and not be soaked in sweat to impress her, please help me out!” lol I gave him 5 stars and moved on

I think 5 mins was my shortest. Lil dude needed to from one side of major highway (his residence) to the other where he was going to a bar. He apologized but didn’t want to walk that light on that road which he has done in the past. Didn’t tip. Ah well… I did several to/from from/to work runs/bars that night.

I have had thousands under 10 minutes. When we are busy, it is easy to do 4/5 per hour. I have had 2 hours were a 6th trip was started within the same hour.

Last night a block and a half two blocks tops! The guy was drunk as hell said he had to beat his wife home so she wouldn’t know he was drinking! NO doubt she’d smell it but if she had a cold and couldn’t smell him she couldn’t miss the staggering and slurred speech unless she was blind and deaf! I’d have loved to be there when she got home.

I got a select ping…drive 8 min. Picked up a 11 year old…he says I’m going to McDonald’s 1/4 mile away…he’s tired after school. I said where do you go? I’m home schooled. Lol ok let’s review…he is home schooled which I’m sure is a complete joke and he’s tiwerd…oh poor baby…then he gets a select ride to McDonald’s 1/4 mile away? I used to do an 8 hour shift and walk 5 miles in the hills to get home .

Drunk girl got in car. Put destination in and swiped to start trip. Boyfriend opens door and tells drunk girl to get out. They argue and she eventually gets out…i couldnt cancel and had to select drop off. $4.00 trip plus $12.00 tip…ill take it all day.

From front of an apartment building to the alley behind the building.it was around 3am on a weekend,after dropping off a group of drunks I got a ping from the same bldg.I got a weed honking college kid come rushing into the car and ofcourse no destination in the app.

I also had a rider go across the street. He ate at a Mexican food restaurant and couldn’t walk across the street. I was shocked. I also had a rider put the same address in drop off where I picked her up. When I asked if it was a mistake she said no, she just wanted to go down to the 7-11 to pick up a phone charger. The 7-11 was a block a way.