I try to keep everyone positive

Ok ya’ll I have decided no more negativity! I’ve read enough of everyone’s negative and positive posts. We all need to remain positive! We all need to keep thinking positive and visualizing ourselves doing positive things and winning. From today moving forward with Uber/lyft I am going to remain positive and weed out all the negativity. #positivethinking

I try to delete negativity but so many people to keep track of… and I don’t get notifications on every single comment hehe

Mindset a proper mindset will get you out of the gutter and keep you out the wrong mindset will take you from a mansion to the gutter. You have a positive mindset good for you

I read an article about the power of positive thinking. Like, you can trick your mind out of stress just by pretending to be positive. Uncanny, but it works!

It’s not about “tricking your mind” it’s about visualizing, believing and having faith that great things will and can happen

So my question is how can you tricks someone’s mind into giving you a tip on Uber? As you know all these cheap bastards will tip a cabdriver in a second :confounded:

I don’t even focus on that. I focus on entertaining my riders and getting them safely to their destinations and if they want to tip they can tip. They are not obligated to tip if they don’t want to. Just like a customer that goes into a restaurant is technically not required to tip of he/ she doesn’t want to.

The customers often like to ask me what I like better Uber or Lyft or they asked me how I like doing this which provides me an opportunity to explain to them the benefits of using Lyft during that conversation I make it known to them that Uber does not provide the opportunity to tip in app. I tell them that it’s not included in the fair. I say it’s unfortunate because now I have to carry cash for the people who want to tip me so I can give them change back if they only have a 20. If nothing else it gives them the impression that if they don’t tip me they are in the minority and they are being cheap bastards. In the end if they don’t tip me that’s their deal and Life Will Go On.

There isn’t a trick to it. You just have a sign or box to educate them. You can also have the square reader or PayPal… also interacting with your riders is a nice way to feel if you might get a tip or not. But just have a great time and get them to their destination safely is the most important thing. Karma will reward you with tips when it’s that time.

I like it! Good luck! Question though. Does sarcasm equate to negativity? Please say no!! :joy::joy:

Ever hear of the stupid leading the stupid? It refers to sheep because 1 sheep will blindly follow the other just because the first is going somewhere. There’s an article of a bunch of sheep jumping off a cliff because of this.

My point is don’t try to polish shit and stay positive, you’re end result is still shit.

Instead you should realize that your polishing shit and work towards something better

I agree but sometimes we need to vent with others that know what we’re going through.

Let’s just encourage and support. That does wonders for people. That’s wise and positive for everyone, instead of chanting positivity to eliminate someone else’s experience.