I transport "under the age of 18" persons

The parents usually call me and I know ahead of time where they will be and what they will be wearing as well as their name. They are going back home from where ever they are, I confirm who they are and text or have them call their parents that they are in the vehicle. As a matter of fact I frequently get rides that are third party requests. Usually it’s for taking house workers home after they are working late and the home owners don’t want them taking the bus. Just be smart when you do this.

But … Show me any document that says that any educational institution wants their children to be using ride hailing app services in contravention of the services actual contract. Also that they understand that no child under 18 is allowed to use those services without the adult account holder being in the car with the minor.

What I’m finding here is that schools are more concerned with safe transport of their students than silly policies, especially after some ugliness that happened with students hitchhiking. That’s a real problem when you put a school on the outskirts of town, as they’re now realizing.

That’s also why the schools make sure the parents are aware that students are using TNCs. I don’t know if there is a waiver or permission slip or if it’s just general notification. One of the features I like is that most of the kids use Lyft and they have been taught about the value and etiquette of tipping.

Uh… first why are you in love with god? Thad dude created uber.
Second, if uber says we shouldn’t do something in the terms and we do it anyway, would that not risk invalidation of the insurance coverage?

I would never take a street hail. I have written extensively about that here. Would you like me to help you to understand the dangers inherent? You were quite vocal last week about that very topic when I had to help you temper your caustic approach. And for the record, we appreciate your more civil tone since then.

Since you are in apparent dialog with an Uber CSR on this subject of minor pax, why don’t you ask them point blank if they’ll cover injury or death of an unaccompanied minor in case of an accident so we can all have it in writing (instead of the irrelevant cut n pastes they are accustomed to sending)

Pull at a little thread and the next thing you know you are drowning in a big pile of shit.

With so many riders drivers now, there must have been an incident where a minor was injured during an uber ride. How can this not be known?

Talked to a Lyft driver/pax recent who told me about a t-bone one of her friends was involved with with Lyft as a pax. Pax was injured. Lyft has apparently been coming through with coverage for the pax. She didn’t know the status of the drivers situation, unfortunately.

This means the answer to your question is no, and if reality unfolds you’ll find using every angle they can to deny the claim… but let’s live in a world where we don’t talk about that. So go and get us that $1 SRF and 20%!

just went to the upber center and asked the ops manager. he said you should not take minors on there own and should report the account for deactivation.

The guy that packed the chute is responsible… or if the guy who fell out of the plane packed it himself, then the school that taught him to pack the chute is responsible, or the school is out of business, then the governmental agency that licensed the school is liable.

It kinda ended up being a shouting match between drivers and staff, as other drivers started to pile on as I asked real questions. Hilarious at times as staff tried to keep order. About 25 X riders.

Rightful cancellation fee. Unfortunately Lyft doesn’t take the same approach to under age pax, although a driver could technically do the same because pax are advised to call the driver in advance and inform them under age pax situation to see if the driver wants to take the fare.