I took a 4.2 yesterday

Picked up a old woman, got in and handed me a piece of paper with address. I had to input the address for her. She didnt speak english. I guess previous drivers that picked her rated her low for that reason. She was talking to on some language that I didnt understand. Gave her 5 for the effort

I did a 3.0 yesterday and interrogated this young kid like he was some criminal. What did you do to piss off a driver? Are you a puker? Do you make drivers wait? Do you tip? Finally got down to the bottom of it, oh you have only done 5 rides. That makes sense. Good guy and was thankful for all the rider tips. We were laughing the entire ride.

Don’t pay no mind to the plethora of idiotic suggestions about not picking up low rated pax, these same people should not be in the Taxi industry in the first place.

It’s people like them that rate a pax low because they did not tip them, newsflash, the pax does not have to tip you to make up the difference because Uber has set the fare at a certain price point, if you are angry it should be at Uber not the pax, many in here can not separate the two.

On the other hand, we’re free to rate our paxs however we wish for whatever reason(s) we wish. So there’s that. But there’s nothing wrong with setting a personal threshold for who we let into our cars and who we won’t. No one should ever apologize for having standards and sticking to them.

I picked up a pax last night with a 4.8 rating. She was well dressed and very pleasant. I drove her from her home to a restaurant to meet friends and have drinks. Along the way we talked about movies we’d seen and books we’ve read recently.

Once at the destination we bid one another a good evening and she gently but firmly closed and latched the door. I am so glad I have standards for my riders.

I had a client with a 4.0 rating give me a 5$ tip. A middle aged couple going to a game from their home. Trip was worth 7$ after fees. I was their second driver and they mentioned they were drunk with their first driver. That figures.

How low have I gone though? 1.0 and this client tried to cram his bicycle onto the backseat. Knowing it was impossible and unnecessary, I prompted him to cancel and order a bigger Uber. He frankly complied and caused no scene, even after paying the 5$ cancellation fee.

I would get a client with a 4.5 rating request a 12 mile ride while another client with a 4.9 rating request a 2.7 mile ride…The way I look at it, everything is random. Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise, othertimes, it’s an accident waiting to happen.

The text for the rating is on the wrong color icon as wella s being way too small to read and in my defense I have cataracts. Therefore I miss a LOT of ratings so I guess I just pick any rating up.

He probably knew his ratings are low, trying to be nice now. As many riders are aware of this rating system and wants their ratings higher as its taking longer for them to pick up or no pick up at all.

Man, that is so true. I fully concur. Just because Uber expects us to be OK with being treated like trash doesn’t me we have to accept being treated like trash. Take some pride in yourself, your work, and your car. It’s perfectly OK to give a would-be pax a digital FO.

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