I threw the Pax phone out the window on the freeway

Passenger friend left her phone in my car. This bitch kept blowing up the phone they left in the car. I finally answered.

Passenger: hey asshole this is your last passenger Britney did you not hear this phone ringing? I have been calling you and you’re not answering. Are u fucking hard of hearing

Me: bitch who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?

Passenger: this is Ashleys Phone she dropped it in your stupid in your car. You better not have been going through her phone or made any authorized calls. We will know

Me: bitch I don’t know who the fuck you think you are. You have some fucking nerves talking to me this way.

Passenger: fuck You, you’re a stupid driver I can talk to you in anyway I like

Me: bitch, you’re a stupid cunt, listen to this. This is me throwing this phone out the window.

I would not answer it. They think you have nothing to do after they get out. I never take item back, I drop it off at hub at my earliest convenience

But it’s OK to verbally abuse the driver for no reason? I was supposed to bow down and say thank you for putting me down for no reason and thank you for calling me a stupid fucking driver. When that shit happens to you, you can handle it your way. So please don’t lecture on this shit.

Honestly she shouldn’t have spoken to u like that but that was a dick move. U could’ve just been the bigger person and hung up on her and not answered again and returned the phone to the hub and tell them what happened and how she treated u they would’ve banned her.

I would have done the same shit… I always have pax kissing my ass to get their phone back. Hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson.

Savage :+1:t3: these people act like they can talk to us any sort of way and it would be ok I’ve pulled over in a hotel casino and told passengers to take the bus or a taxi don’t talk to me that way I don’t know if that’s how you talk to your boyfriend but you ain’t gonna talk to me like that, kick rocks and deuces out my car

I agree, I don’t know why they think it’s acceptable to talk to us in any type of way. I know some drivers tolerate that shit, but not me. I’m fr Oakland and I don’t play that shit.

I told a guy to take a taxi the other day. Picked up at Caesars and he wanted me to pull back around to main entrance and pick up his wife. I said no, I can’t. He had a beer in hand and kept insisting. Said she couldn’t walk. Taxis are right there fucker.

I can’t believe this post. Sometimes it pays to go the xtra mile so to speak to assist ppl. And the guy that needed you to go around to pick his wife up and you didn’t shame on you. I’m sad at some of the attitudes in this post. Abuse is never ok verbal or otherwise. You handle that crap by contacting LYFT. Let them handle it. I can’t believe you destroyed someone’s property. You could have taken that phone to a lyft hub.

If the woman couldn’t walk well I’m sure there’s exceptions. You didn’t say she couldn’t walk because of her high heels lol

There aren’t. Extremely strict pickup laws here. If I get banned from Caesars or MGM properties, I’d have to find a new job.

I return every phones any passengers leaves in my car and if I can’t connect with them I go the extra miles to go out of my way to drop them off at the hub. That crazy bitch called cursing at me going crazy for no reason. And I’m supposed to just take that abuse? You’re crazy to think that’s an acceptable behavior.

Well I can’t believe you’d be so kind as to drive a persons phone back that’s calling you a stupid bitch. I’m actually offended that you’d do that.

And that’s how you get a 1 star and bad rider feedback…i would have just thrown the phone put the window