I thought it was going to be a premium Fair

Oh my f****** God I am so f—ing pissed Uber this is it it took me 30 minutes into Boulder City to pick up a chIck to go across the street to get her f****** cigarettes and take her back never ever again 35 minutes it pulled me away to go to Boulder City to do this b******* that’s Uber for you f*** that s*** I’m out LYFT here I come full blast ahead ROFLMAO

I cancel anything further than 5 Mile’s away.

I’d be madder than a hornet!!!

knowing my luck I woulda been told “I appreciate it” or “I’ll tip you on the app” and then get stiffed. Happy it worked out in your favor

if you have a request that is miles away and if it dosent say its a long trip 45+ minutes why would you ever chase it

Pickup premiums on uber can add up. I was driving someone once from Valley View/Pennwood to Craig/Simmons and as soon as I turned on Rancho I get a ping for Ann/Simmons, that ride took me down to Maryland/Reno…the premium was an extra $4 and change

chase it at all I just couldn’t f****** believe the request was that far away it was a premium fair so it ended up being $35 w/tip it was worth it

first mistake why did you drive 30 minutes away ??? should of called the rider and told then re request to get someone closer and turn your app for for 5 minutes

I did no one was available crazy thing she had a Audi A7 in her driveway I think she had back surgery cuz she was walking kind of weird I kind of felt sorry for her did I say 30 minutes it was 23

I love LYFT just wish it was busier that was another thing I had a scheduled ride at 5:25 with Lyft they removed because I was too far away but ended up getting it in the tip from The Uber Rider it was a scheduled $8 to $12 Lyft ride that’s another thing left would never allow that they would always give the ride to someone closer and I’m sure there would have been a Lyft driver somewhere closer why the hell didn’t the little old men that live in Boulder City wake up to get this poor lady a ride

I don’t drive more than ONE mile for ANY pickup, unless I’m in destination mode. Granted you can get a little screwed on that too, Lyft will take you two miles out of your way to drive someone a half a mile in your direction…

so this is how my Saturday morning went after that ride to Boulder City i had 2 scheduled rides on LYFT both to Anthem Si m City which is a 20 min drive but because it’s early in the morning it Doesn’t take that long both were to the airport I will say ALL of these rides were worth it . I have $55 in the app w/uber & 55 in the app w/lyft not bad for not even 2hrs as slow as it’s been ill take it!:+1:t3::sunglasses::+1:t3:guess Karma was with me for picking that rider up in Boulder City.:metal:

I ran into a similar pickup situation a couple weeks ago in Boulder City. Got pinged at the Wagon Wheel exit to pickup pax located 20 min away in Boulder City (long pickup premium of course). Got there and it was a pax living on a house on the hills going to McCarran airport. Nice middle aged pax and wife so we just struck up a good conservation about weather and fishing during the 35 min ride to the airport. Ended up being a $50 ride including $22 cash and in-app tip. As the old saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” :+1:

Doesnt uber charge extra for the distance you drove to pickup? When i lived out by lake las vegas and got a ping for one of the resorts (6-7 miles away) i got paid a bit more for the distance.

From what I’ve seen in the past, it’s a “you MAY be eligible for a long pickup fee,” but since I don’t accept them I don’t know.

I’ve been pulled all the way to the lake to pick up a girl just to go to Albertson’s and back it was a whopping $6 fare on top of that I just had my car washed and because of going down the lake road it got dirty and I had to go wash it again

I live here and never get a ping for any rides before leaving boulder… lol and everything is within walking distance, that’s just stupid.