I think uber should tell us exactly where we are going on long trips BEFORE we accept to prevent those things from happening

Got a ping on Uber Wednesday. Said it was going to be a long trip. But didnt say how long. Got to the address…the woman needed to go to Lincoln Nebraska from Kansas city Missouri. Over 200 miles one way. Had to cancel because I would not have been back in time to pick up my daughter.

I call before I drive to the pick up. Syracuse? Albany? Sold! New York City? You’re SOL :rofl::rofl::rofl:

45+ needs to be broken down into 30+, 1h+, and 2h+. This will lead to less cancellations and a more reliable experience for riders looking for travel options for long distance trips.

What is the best way to ask for a return trip fee on long trips?

Uber and Lyft TOS state that a passenger may incur a return fee on long trips but there is no official method for getting one.

The best way is to negotiate leaving the app running until you are back in your assigned market. Get it confirmed in a text so you have proof this was acceptable to the pax in case of a dispute. You ARE allowed to do this with both Uber and Lyft.

I agree. Had a person who wanted to go to Virginia from Philadelphia. I canceled the ride. :frowning:

I get a request at least once a week to go to nyc it’s just to far when you have kids to get from school dinner homework etc

Had a ride 2 weeks ago, Baltimore to Lakewood NJ…over 3 hour ride. Only made $215

My favorite is when they send me a neighboring town 20 minutes away for a 3 dollar ride. :confused:

That’s 3 dollars an hour and so much wasted gas.

But it is what it is I guess. :grimacing:

It happened to me a couple times then I stopped taking trips 15-20 minutes away. It’s to frustrating

call them before tell them you are in route to them then ask them what is their destination. If their destination is right around the corner cancel the trip!

I see your point but most trips in my area are not more than one hour away. If I have time constraints I usually do call. But in this case the issue isn’t driving to him that’s long it’s the actual trip. So I doubt he wasted that much time.

Your caps lock appears to be broken.

I’ve seen this question multiple times in the last week. If you have something planned later then don’t accept the long ride. If I have to be somewhere then I don’t accept the long ride. If I have a commitment soon I turn off the app to make sure I can make it.

There’s no reason Uber can’t break it down 45+, 1hr+, 2hr+, etc. no reason at all. It’s the pax that end up getting the short end when drivers cancel and they have to request another ride (or two or three). I’ve seen it happen

I don’t have a problem with but I think I would see if I could have a family member pick up the kids to make the money

i think they should tell us the city the long trip is going to so we can deicde whether to take it b4 we accept