I think UBER should adjust their viewpoint

It’s not so much “cherry picking” as it is my desire to be as efficient as possible. When I log-off due to lack of information for fear of conflict with scheduled jobs, well that’s just as detrimental to UBER’s coverage as drivers cherry picking.

A further point to this is that UBER should recognize that we live in a real-time marketplace. If no drivers want a particular trip at a particular time, then the value(price) of that job should rise. Think MicroSurge. If job requests could surge on an individual basis, then everyone benefits. If a customer wants to go somewhere specific, at a specific time, and no driver wants that assigned at the pre-set pricing, then shouldn’t the price go up until some driver does want to take it.

points out that drivers cancel trips that are not “profitable” for them. Well there’s something to consider. I’m in this for profitable results.

When I schedule with private clients, we negotiate a price for a service at a particular time and place. I only have limited time. I have to make the most of it.

Does UBER see this as anything else?

That pretty much means that uber wants drivers to accept every single ping/rider and take that customer anywhere he directs the driver - that makes a bigger argument towards driver being more of an employee than ‘independent’ contractor as well as the company (uber) being a transportation company involved in providing illegal hails (through phone).
I understand you don’t make decisions, just wanted to know your opinion.

Knowing destinations is crucial to me. I will eventually move to the app that gives me that. Just like I reject offers from trip brokers who sell jobs too cheap, then ask me to fulfill them.

Uber needs to realize that they have created the cherry picking / cancellation problem by making the rates too low. The destination information being available to those who knew how to use it wasn’t the problem. It was used sparingly for convenience purposes until the rates made that information a matter of profit or loss for the driver.

The other silly thing is the way they keep acceptance rates. Uber gives an incentive to drivers to accept the trip and then cancel it, since that does not hurt the acceptance rate. What would be best for the customer is if the driver could decline a fare as soon as he knows he does not want that fare, so that the ping can go to the next driver. But, there is no way to decline a fare without having it time out. And, the timing out hurts your acceptance rate.

Exactly what he said. Drivers were trying to game the system and were generating complaints. So they shut off the feature you used to generate those complaints.

No where in that statement did he say drivers don’t need to make a profit. You read that into it.

My post was mostly sarcasm. Uber continually takes action to limit drivers ability to make a decent profit. I’m sure it will run it to further legal problems, and I hope someone files the Form SS-8 to get this pyramid scheme examined with a magnifying glass.

He did say “drivers declining rides that weren’t profitable enough for them.” As independent contractors, we are in it to make a profit and choosing our trips accordingly should be allowed.

I think uber came up with a new wonderful “fix” now.
Last night and this morning the surge areas on drivers’ app weren’t showing the multiplier, i.e. just red area with no 1.5 x or 2.0x or 1.25x

your thinking agrees with mine…I need to log off in advance of the longest trip that may randomly occur on the next signal…this causes me to waste time in transition if I need to breakaway to pick up my kids at school or whatever.

Get ready for a new wave of complaints (I hear these from my repeat passengers):

  • Driver is angry
  • Driver is rude
  • Driver complains about my short ride
  • Driver doesn’t speak English
  • Driver is not willing to wait, make a mid trip stop
  • And yes, still lots of cancellations especially when there are no drivers near by
  • Uber used to be great but now it resembles a cab experience.

No mater how Uber spins it

Happy Drivers = Happy Customers

Low price = good
A price that’s too low = bad for everybody, including Uber (even if they don’t realize this yet)

You can not force happiness on drivers and riders no matter what changes you do to the app.