I think they are being very clever so cars that are on both they get brand recognition as well!

I just wonder if you are on both it kinda makes sense but if you are on Uber X only then the question is does it look silly? I guess the clever minds at the “war-room” think not!

By the way - reindeer antlers are not the most common with red nose - it started in UK where red nose day is a massive charity event!

Just for those who are not on the nose! lol…

So is the next rideshare company going to use headlight eyelashes for brand recognition? just wait to see the cars that are on all 3…

On a side note, I saw a Lyft car at a local diner the other night that did in fact have eyelashes on her car with the pink stache… She was inside and had a Lyft tshirt, so pretty sure she must have been a mentor.

So if the red nose has meaning to it already, it’s not exactly a uniquely Uber thing, is it. While Lyft’s stache may not be entirely unique, the non-lyft use of a stache is rare enough that it has no other recognition.

Maybe this would be appropriate for Uber X… As an antenna flag! Half tempted to get one made anyway.

Hey I remember seeing this before. Is different I know but they want branding. I heard the rumour if you wear the nose they pay you $250 a week bonus for first month then they give you phone for free. Crafty they put charge on phone knowing thy just want free PR. They have all the plans.

“Red Nose Day” is a established charity event here in Australia too.

In support of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Lots of garages and restaurant chains supported the effort by distributing these fun silly red noses that you wore in support. Only a couple of bucks to buy.

The big corporate supporters would order one the size of a house and get it craned up and attached to their office towers.

I’m sure UBER has sold them a feel-good line and the charity would have jumped at partnering with a multi-billion dollar company. But as the other members Tim & Wheres the Beef point out, the risk of it being the identifier of Uber cars to be targeted for enforcement and or malacious damage is too riaky for my liking.

Again…you said NY/NJ. Have you ever heard of what you describe happening where you are?

I am in SF. No problems so far. Have not heard of any problems so far.


About a month or two ago, at a red traffic light near Hoboken Path Station, a local female cabbie tapped on my window and asked if I was a Uber driver.
I said no.
She said “I saw you pick up the passenger over there” and started throwing all kinds of accusations & illegalities BS, etc.
And then she started taking pictures of my car & license plate with her cellphone.
As soon as the light turned green, I got the hell out of there…
I have no doubt in my mind these cabbies really, really hate us (Uber drivers) and it only takes one or two to go over the edge and turn violent…remember, we’re taking their livelihood away, literally…
This kind of violence happen all over the country, from Kindergarten to College Campuses…with so many innocent victims…

I will be as low key as I possibly can for the forseeable future…
and I don’t plan on giving them any clue as to my car being associated with Uber…

P.S. For all I know, my pictures may already be on the Hoboken Cabbies’ 10 Most Wanted List

Ok…so…the answer is no. No vandalism or violence. Just an angry cabbie who was told she was talking to a illegal cab. I can see why she was upset. Her pictures are probably for reporting you.

I have no doubt they are angry with us. Who wouldn’t be? We have people on here already angry over the possibility of driverless cars.

I wouldn’t let it worry you.

BTW…$1000.00 fine in CA for no trade dress.

Where as I appreciate your research…and I’m not sure what the link to the FAA and the first legal drone has to do with this…you haven’t provided any acts of vandalism or violence. A drives said a pink mustache encourged attacks against him and his car but doesn’t say what happened or if they were even reported.

A physical confrontation could be two people face to face yelling at each other. Regulation to close s down are not violence and vandalism.

Look…I’m. It trying to argue with you. But attacks and vandalism against people doing this just isn’t the norm. Intact the only incident of violence I can find is the Paris incident.

We just are not in danger from cabbies as a whole.

“But attacks and vandalism against people doing this just isn’t the norm.”

I agree with you there.
and I plan to keep it that way…
so Uber & Lyft can take their red & pink and shove it up their…

Why don’t you call Hoboken police department and ask them?
I am sure they’ll be more than glad to answer you…

I wonder if Uber covers. Any damage due to your car being identified as an Uber? Hard to prove I guess…

They had almost open chequebook with blank cheques at the start for drivers - very different story now?

We haven’t seen the illuminated. Uber signs in Sydney

They have paid a few cars to have massive Uber signs on them

The red noses would be very cheap. Maybe $1 to make - if that!

Remember. It is only for Uber X.