I think the younger people get intimidated

In Houston, we aren’t allowed to wear shorts, t-shirts, or sandals. I usually drive wearing blue jeans and a polo. I don’t shave every day. I did try dressing up in high end suit pants and dress shirt since I drive Select. My rating for the week went down (yes, 7 day ratings are back).

My experience is PAX are so grateful for a ride no matter what you look like, as long as you don’t smell. Also, everyone hates Taxis so they are already grateful just to hire you over a Taxi.

I am at least showered but I wear shorts and a polo and shoes instead of sandals. I always wear at the least polos though so it isn’t dressing up for me.

We get $1.10. The wishful thinking part of me tells me that they won’t drop the rates because if they do and a bunch of people quit, it takes so long to go through the process to become a driver and a lot of people don’t want to bother. The entire cost is about $150.

I have a beard like grizzly Adams. If i decide to head out for a surprise 3x surge, I’ll swap jeans for my smurf jammie bottoms. Tshirt stays, but I’ll stow the car seat. Day driving gets khakis and a polo, plus a vacuuming.

Shorts, tshirt, nappy beard, nappy ponytail. I wear shoes, only because sandals make my feet stinky on those 12 hour shifts. I do shower before heading out.

I wouldn’t expect them to hold your rates steady then. Many markets have zero base plus 75 cents a mile. The corporate wizards are ruthless.

You are drinking too much Uber Kool-Aid. I do not hear that here. I drive both Uber Taxi and UberX. In fact, I hear more complaints about UberX than I do about taxis—even if I am driving UberX that day.

I shower before I go out, usually because I’m due for one. I also dress in jeans and a button down shirt. Nice, but not too nice. I figure I have a nice car, I should look nice too.

If I lived closer to the area I drive in I would totally head out as-is if I ever saw a 3.5x or something and got the ping while home. I’d take a ratings hit for sloppyness for 3.5x from the house any day.

I no longer put on my slacks and button up shirts. The $2.40 cent rides have me feeling like camo shorts and a Pantera shirt is pretty glorious attire. I do venture out freshly bathed, which is much more than I can say for some pax.

For this Halloween weekend I had black jeans, red plaid button down, black boots - Showered and fully groomed. Then again I’m OCD about cleanliness and dress lol. You basically described me on weekdays after the gym though

I wore my Batman suit the other night. Scared the sh!t outta most of my passengers, I sent each a text before arriving that Batman was coming in the Batmobile. Some passengers loved it!

In the chilly weather, I wear jeans or slacks and a pretty top with dress boots and in hot weather I’m wearing a sundress or skirt & top with cute sandals - no shorts. I am well groomed - hair fixed, makeup tasteful, nails done, toenails done if it’s sandal weather. My car is clean.

As long as you don’t smell or have stains on your clothes, you’ll do well in terms of ratings. Now, if you’re trying to hit on your passengers, then I suppose you want to be more dressed up. But I don’t recommend that anyways, regardless of how the conversation is going.

I drive select only and usually dress in jeans and button up shirt. One day I was sitting around the house in shorts, t shirt and flip flops. Decided to turn on the app and got a ping within minutes. No time to dress up I thought “it’s probably just a quick one”