I think auto-accepting will be the norm, and no cancels unless the rider no-shows

So, I’m thinking about this idea that some have about Uber/Lyft having to pay it’s drivers a minimum wage. Let’s say that do. Now they’re not gonna do it willingly. And I’m sure there will be concessions.
If they HAVE to pay one a minimum wage, do you think it’s fair that they also ditch the “No Thanks” button when a ping pops up, or even allow you to Cancel a ride once you’re assigned. I think if they have to pay a minimum wage, we’re gonna lose the ability to make above what ever that dollar amount is, even if you’re in an area that would normally be surging.

I wouldn’t want it. I’m pretty sure you could only work one platform and hours assigned. As well as having to take the calls you’re assigned.

Yup if you’re being paid hourly to pick up their customers then that’s just what you’ll have to do. Won’t pay someone the same amount to sit around declining rides as someone taking them. I am not for an hourly rate

I have never made less than minumum wage, so i dont get why people complain about it. Is it really that bad in some markets? Fyi… make sure you dont drive a newer car, because putting miles on a newer car in this business doesnt make a lot of sense.

They would have to leave our market or lay-off drivers in our area at the reported minimum. With Nebraska minimum, it would suck. Won’t be our issue for some time.

I’ve been thinking about this too. Basically, Uber would pay you for time without a passenger, but if you decline or cancel a ride, you would lose that “bank” of money that builds while you are waiting. That way, you can’t sit at your house and not give rides and just decline or cancel everything

They can’t make the cash flow work in our market unless they turn into a cab company which would limit hour availability. No way could they open the drivers they have now to 40 hours of minimum pay.

If I were Uber, I’d take the fun out of it for drivers who unionize. First step, payroll. Paper checks will be available at the nearest hub from 10 AM til noon on the Friday following the pay period. Checks unclaimed by 12:30 will be mailed the following Monday. No paying daily or direct deposit.

That sounds a lot like being an employee in which case I wouldn’t be interested. Being able to log-on/off when I want is the appeal of doing this work. If they dictate who we pickup then they would have to contribute to my car expenses.

You’ll become an employee subject to all the fun and games that distinction holds: assigned hours when THEY want you to work meaning early mornings to very late at night; withholding for everything. And what positive gains would you get? Nada.