I take well behaved dogs

I have a blanket and a lint roller. I do appreciate when the pax calls ahead.
I tell them we will have to take a minute to spread the blanket and get the dog safe before we can go. I need a safe place to pick you up, spread the blanket, and get the dog in. No double park pickup downtown with a dog. Sorry. In reality most of the dogs have been in hand bags or little dog slings. Older women often have a poodle that fits in their lap. I don’t get big dogs often.

Here we go, you will have a problem since the first thing a pax will say is you canceled due to the dog. You will end up reported and tossed. You could claim allergies or something but like everything else you are guilty until proven innocent.

Yes, I do take dogs. I do not like Dobermans or toy poodles, but I will take even them. My mother raised dogs, so I know how to act around them and deal with them. As you correctly indicate, it pays to have the lint roller and the towel. I have those for the UberXmobile. The cab has vinyl covered seats and a rubber floor, so the whisk broom and the shovel in the trunk take care of that matter for the cab.

Of course, in real life, I would accommodate a rider with disability with a legit service dog, properly trained. I still haven’t seen one, though. Probably I would take a small dog in a purse or cage. But I’d hesitate to give a minimal fare ride again to a medium sized energetic dog and his lying owner.

I’m not aware of anything besides allergies that they mention. Of course they do a lousy job on what you need to do in the event you are allergic so you don’t get reported in the first place, like a certificate you mentioned.

Not so sure on the politics, I think the intent is that as a TNC operating in a market they must follow the ADA, at a minimum. That could mean if one driver doesn’t take a pax, they are to wait until a new driver does take the pax, not just show up who also has allergies.

In the District of Columbia, the cab driver simply drives by the person with the aminal. If Enforcement stops him, he shows his paper and is sent on his way. On a call, that might be different.

The worst animal I have transported was a African Gray in a cage. It was not happy to be in the car. Parrots may be able to damage human hearing. I had to ask the pax to cover the cage to calm down the bird. Not sure why she had not in the first place.

Funny, though, this could be the place from which regulators, courts or lawyers hold the TNCs responsible for their drivers. They already hold the cab companies responsible for them, even though the drivers here have affiliated with the cab companies by contract for as long as anyone can remember.

They could hold the TNCs responsible, however I bet in each case they resolve it by tossing the driver for not following their rules, the law or regulation. Drivers are getting tossed since they are independent contractors and not employees.

That’s a pretty good point honestly. I hadn’t really thought of consequences. I can be stubborn at times about things I feel strongly about. Truth is I’m not really a dog person, but I love cats. I like your idea to say that I’m allergic to dogs. IF I tell that to the pax and/or uber there’s not much they can do.

I understand, however in case you missed my prior post, you will get reported and tossed if you leave a valid dog, not a pet unless you wait for another driver, who will take the dog. It is on you, allergies or not.

Maybe I should just keep a blanket in my trunk. If the pax identifies their dog as a service animal, I’ll let them in. I read that a service dog has to wear a vest in the state of Georgia to identify itself as such.

I was going to suggest that and I thought I’d let it go. You could have a tourist or someone doing business in GA who has a service dog. Keep a blanket, it might pay to take the pax than wait for a driver and lose a ping or two.

If a pax lets me know before hand they have a dog AND brings a blanket to cover the seat AND the dog is friendly - not growling at me the whole time - I’m cool taking the dog. As for tips, its my stated policy that ALL drivers should be tipped on ALL non surge rides period.

Absolutely not true anywhere. ADA laws are federal and trump state. There are three categories of assisted animals. Service dogs and therapy dogs have the highest protections. No vest. It’s part of HIPPA. All a person can legally ask 1- is that a service dog; 2-what service does it do.