I take no notice of a riders rating now

I once picked up a female rider who was a 1 star, out of sheer curiosity. She was perfectly charming. I asked her what she did to the previous driver(s). She had no idea. But then again, I dont drive nights, I dont pick up drunk college kids and when you are fortunate enough to only accept black requests, your outlook changes almost instantly.

I won’t pick anyone up below 4.7 if it’s no surge If it surges I will take a chance on 4.6 and 4.7 only if they’re close by and the pin location looks normal to me.

Went against my own rules and picked up a 4.4 on regular rate today because it was slow.
Pax was on-point:

  • Was waiting outside as I approached
  • Greeted me coming aboard and said bye and thank you as she exited
  • Was very good-looking
  • Destination already in the app
  • Agreed to have me follow the GPS

We do driving taking all risks on the road still our rating take dive. You riders get safe ride in nice, new cars offered bottled water, mint, gum( some offer) and you cant keep your rating nice.

90% of drivers on UPN won’t pick up a 4.5 pax, but we’re in the minority. I’m willing to bet 90% of the typical drivers won’t hesitate to pick up an even lower rated pax. Most drivers I’ve talked to say they don’t pay attention to pax rating or surge.

The only ones I pick up with under 4.6-4.7 are the few whom I know well and are regulars I never had issues with, mostly within my subdivision where I live and / or surrounding ones. Otherwise I will not.

the rating system is disgusting silly and unfair. I suspect many ratings are legitimate but there are so many that are not on both sides that it should be disbanded.

Okay, buddy. Just pointing out she was well-dressed and outfit was also on point. Never said it qualified her to be rated one way or another. Thanks, everyone, for your concern on my observations of passengers.

I don’t worry about 4.5 as much as I do about 4.4 or 4.6. Usually someone at 4.5 has taken only 2 rides one a 5 and one a 4. Of course I’m in a small city where pings are few and far between so sometimes I completely forget to even look for a passenger rating before accepting.

I won’t pick up anyone with a 4.7 rating or lower. Why should I? Look, it’s not hard to be a 5-star passenger. Really, that’s all there is to it. And if a prospective pax can’t manage that, then that prospective pax will never see the inside of my carriage. I’m running a business here - I don’t have time for drama.

If u have 4.5 rating and r tired of getting canceled on quickest way to up ur number is by tipping ur driver until ur rating goes up. Then u should also keep tipping to keep ur # up

If u have a 4.7 rating in LA odds r I won’t pick u up especially during surge periods. There is a hog reason why ur rating is 4.7 and not .8. U either waists drivers time be going down the block, or made drivers wait for u for more then 5min, u and ur friends have acted up during rides.

In my exp with 1500 trips 9 out of 10 4.7 riders are short trip. If I see a 4.9 rider at 4am chances r they r either going to LAX or take long trips. There is always a reason to why a pax is rated that way.

I am all for bike riders, but not in our cars. Why must we accommodate their bike?! I had one a few months back who had me put it in the trunk after folding down my back seats, and he rested his chain on my lunch bag and left chain oil/grease all on it.

He seemed to be angry that my car had a first-aid kit and tool box in the trunk (not too big) and a box of basic cleaning chemicals. He was going just 3 miles up the road (could he not bike it?!) and, of course, no tip.