I switched my navigation to Waze a few days ago (thanks everyone for that advice!), and everything was great

Last night, however, I had something happen on 2 rides that I haven’t run into before. When I arrived at the pickup spot, my riders were late getting out, and both of them looked right past me as if they were expecting someone else to pull up. Both times, I called and confirmed the rider and they got in. The problem was, their app showed me to be 2 minutes away, and the gps showed me 1-2 blocks away although I was obviously right there with them. Even after they got in, it still showed me farther away until I started the ride. When I switched from Waze to Uber to see what my app showed, it was the same. My Uber app showed me farther away. Has anyone else encountered this? It may have nothing to do with Waze at all, could have just been my phone or cell service since Waze gave me no problems previously.

I had same issue when I used google maps. Like there’s a delay between navigation and uber app

It has nothing to do with Waze. Your GPS location is given by your phone OS and can’t be affected by apps unless you’re doing developer stuff (which I’m guessing is not the case).

That’s not a Waze issue, that’s more of a phone GPS issue. There are several things that can affect your GPS signal including the sun, weather and large buildings. There’s a parking garage for a casino in my area that I go into occasionally. Every time I do, it shows my little dot out in the water about 1/2 a mile away. Here’s an article with some good info on the issue. http://cellphonetrackers.org/9-factors-affect-gps…

In the water??? :joy::joy::joy: Sounds like the makings of an epic Uber driver meme! Lol. Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out

I’ll have to keep an eye on mine next time I’m downtown near the river! Other than the issue I posted, the only glitch I’ve had is when navigation points me west to start with and then reroutes after I’ve made the turn to east :rage:. Of course, I fixed that by ignoring the initial directions and taking a moment to review the route.

Also it could be your phone. If you don’t have a flagship phone there is usually lag because of the processing power.

The navi app you’re using on your own phone has nothing to do with what pax sees on their phone.

There’s been a lag between where I am and where the riders see me on their phones since I began driving in 2013

Set it so when you pull up to the pickup or dropoff spot Waze automatically switches back to the Uber app. Then use Uber to make sure you are exactly where you’re suppose to be.

It’s not automatic on the iPhone but I always manually switch over to Uber/Lyft as I get close to get the best idea of pax location

I always call my rider if there is a question that I’m in the right spot or they don’t arrive to get in my car within a couple of minutes. I’ve had riders tell me the app (lyft and uber both) not notify them I’m there…I find it’s always best to contact my rider and confirm they know I’m there and exactly where to meet them. I have them stay on the phone with me until we make visual contact and they acknowledge they see me…Last night the navigation kept sending me to the wrong pickup location on a couple of my rides…Always call the rider to be sure they know you are waiting and to confirm pickup point if you have problems locating them or they have trouble locating you.

I had the same problem the other day. Said I was five minutes away while I was pulling up to the pax.

But you have to rate them before you begin the next trip. If you rate them 4 then they go back and tip later you have given them a lower rating for nothing. Plus tips aren’t required. We technically can’t ask for them according to Uber rules. So no, I wouldn’t lower the rating based on them not tipping.

AND… I have heard people say they have watched someone add tip, and it doesn’t show up for a day.

I took an uber one night and the guy had puke in his car. As i got out he pulled his phone out of the dash holder and says “5 star for 5 star right?!?!” I was like “ummmm no.” I thought it was the cheesiest thing ever. Not to mention he picked us p knowing he had puke on and in his car.

I give 5 stars and tell them that as I drop them off that I am giving them 5 stars. Since I started doing this I have seen 5 stars go up and 4 stars go down. Usually when I say I’m giving them 5 stars, they say they will do the same. I’ve only given a couple of 1 stars and they were deserved. I try to keep a positive attitude and hopefully the rider sees this. I try to never say anything negative. I hope this helps. Good luck!

I don’t wanna be like the asshole pax who through around low ratings for no reason, so I give everyone a five star unless they’ve done something off the wall like threaten me or puke

Unless they trash your car or seriously screw up your trip give’em 5 stars.

I always tell them they’re getting 5 stars from me, and if they think about it, to please give me 5 as well.

I’ve been staying around 50% 5 star ratings. not sure just what everyone else is maintaining for ratings/ percentages for rides, but that’s where I seem to be staying. About 50% rate their rides, and I’m hanging around 4.93…

Most of my riders I give 5 stars to…A few 4 stars…rarely a 3 and even more rarely a 1. I don’t think I’ve ever given a 2. If they trash my car, steal something out of my car (signs, medical throw up bags, ice packs from my water container, etc.), threaten me or make inappropriate suggestions (sexual in nature) and don’t heed my 3 warnings to please change the subject to something else, then yes, I give a 1. Those are very few and far between.