I suspect that Uber will not be interested in owning the fleet of driverless cars

I think they rather like the idea of having someone else bear the burden of maintenance. You buy yourself a driverless car, you drive to work, and once you are there you send your car to drive for uber, then in the evening it comes to pick you up and take you home…

It’s a nice fantasy - but currently driverless cars struggle with bad weather, get horribly confused by snow and I cannot imagine how they would easily deal with the pax never being at the pickup site or damaging the interior.

Uber doesn’t want them to make money. The point of doing this now is that when the IPO happens the DCF model accounts for driverless cars in the future as opposed to relying entirely on manually driven vehicles.

These driverless cars are driving under 35mph and can’t navigate a real turn in real life situations. A lot od the crashes are happening due to the fact that oddly enough… people/ drivers can’t predict these cars because they are programmed to follow laws to the T.

No it is because people are bad drivers. If you aren’t driving to be safe in that situation you are a bad driver. Defensive driving is safe regardless of what they do.

I think what you mean is they are so careful and safe, they are not instinctively predictable to humans, who are not. They can certainly navigate a turn in real life situations, it’s just more cautious than humans and this may be issue with risk taking and impatient drivers, as long as humans are allowed to drive.

If AI can’t continue the car will slow and stop on the side of the road at which point a person can drive it remotely like a drone In the rare instance where 2) fails Uber sends a real person in a car to pick up the stranded pax, paying full freight to a cab company if necessary. On net it is well worth the limited expense.

Neural networks don’t work for prediction the stock market. I have worked with multiple neural networks and they all fail to live up to the hype. The stock market should be very easy compared to all of the variables I mentioned with cars.

What I’m saying isn’t made up, its from a source that’s on a team that makes these driverless cars. He works with them as his job the best part about it is he wouldn’t dare put his own kid in it even on a closed course.

Driverless car is a technology hype to get investors excited and drivers confused. Here’s why? How will the computer detect the lanes that vanishes when there’s a snowstorm? rampant carjacking, drug trafficking at its finest, sexual fantasy being perform since no human driving the car, ETA 25 mins away and pax cancel then the car go crazy.

The hype around driverless cars is like the hype around trains, original cars, and commercial flying when they were ready to be introduced. There were many many people who would swear up and down they wouldn’t work and invented very similar imaginary roadblocks.

I would love to see what happens when a traffic signal at an intersection goes out and a cop is standing there trying to direct traffic and along comes a stupid non-human car. lol

They would react to the situation and then warn every other self-driving car in milliseconds. What did you think they would do? “Stupid” self driving cars can sense and process information millions of times faster and better than a human.

Why stop at 6… go ahead and jam 10 or 12 people in there. Smoke a nasty cigar. Sex your mate. Post ads on the walls. Maybe the driverless car will electrocute you for not following the rules? lol

I once knew an aircraft mechanic who wouldn’t fly, even for free. Instead, he drove between cities. He said he knew too much about the maintenance and was scared to fly because of it.