I strongly support this strike in spirit

But with the way it looks like it is going to be implimented I am very hesistant to support it with action. Personally I have been doing my own ‘The money ain’t worth it strike’ during recent Cubs games where the money I’d make from Uber is not worth it to miss the game.

I believe my solution will force Uber to want to protect their image and them making us providr a better service. From a business standpoint, they will do anything to keep their large customer base so to prevent their customers from switching to Lyft , they will make us provide better service but to make us provide a better service, our demands need to be met or else their investors will get worried.

I just reposted this on 4 other threads. If you dont like it then its very easy to ignore. My solution works for everyonr and everyone gets to keep driving and make money. Like i said. Feel free to ignore

Anything that will cause the pax to complain to uber. It just needs to be something small so you dont get deactivated. Once uber emails youc just reply and make uber think its because of how poorly we are treated. I gurantee they wont deactivate you for not providing and aux cable

The pax does not lose anything. You are just being a little rude. As i have said, you are paid for what youre worth. You dont have to provide bad service to nice pax, just provide ONE bad service to a douchbag pax then.

first of all this is not a taxi strike. taxi strikes cannot impact uber the way uber drivers can. without drivers there is no uber. anyway, let me ask you a question: what’s the furthest you had to go for a pick up?

Thats where my solution comes in. Since they dont care about their drivers than we trick uber into thinking we dont care about their pax. We are forcinf Uber to do anything to keep their customers which would force them to protect their image.

as for getting deactivated. we can go offline when we want right? see this is why we must unite and strike. uber don’t play. they will threaten you with deactivation.

Just change your pattern. go offline a few days if you can afford to. the srf increase or no cancellation fee, or 25% commission has discouraged you from driving, that’s all you have to say. uber doesn’t know if you went on vacation or if your baby got sick.

the reason i asked that question is because this is how you know that we can have an impact without having all drivers on board for the strike. i often get 15 minute pings too (sometimes more).

i always cancel. that means that the next driver has to drive further let’s say 18 minutes. now let’s say that one driver is on strike, this means that a driver further away has to pick up 21 minutes away. one more diver on strike can make the pick up 25 minutes away…

I understand. However when I check the rider app in Chicagoland pickup times never exceed 20 minutes, instead it states ‘no uberX available’. I am lucky in that I live in a hotspot and spend my deadtime at home. Many of my pickups take me longer to walk to my car that to drive.

Under normal situations drivers would be part of a union or trade organization. For a strike to happen a majority of members would have to vote in favor. In our situation only a small percentage of drivers are even aware of the strike. It remains to be seen if even a majority of those aware of it support this strike in its current form.

I really think the best thing to do is target indiviidual events market by market. Pretty much avoid the the times and areas the texts tell you to work. We drop them off but then nobody is available to pick them up at less than 3x surge.