I stopped driving full time immediately after the most recent rate cuts

Am happily working another gig that I’m not only paid well for, but also enjoy doing. The only people I drive on app are my most valuable regulars (a.k.a. - generous tippers). No more random pings for me. I don’t care WHAT the surge is.

I turned the apps off just like last year when they did it. And they will stay off more than likely, seeing how many people are willing to do it for free anyway.

OH, the weekend the rate cut went out I did not find out till Sunday. asked if we had to keep driving to still be a part of the class action suit. She responded (or somebody) in less than 20 minutes on a Sunday afternoon, saying we do NOT have to keep driving to maintain status in the lawsuit.

I haven’t turned the app on in 2016 until a few hours back to complete the mandatory ride for a whooping $2.40 which will go against the hybrid battery my car needs ($2600) in expense. Uber on guys to the ashes and dirt.

I call every pax and find out where they are going. anything over 10 miles is cancelled. taking advantage of the garantee and keeping driving to a minimum.

Except, you can’t take advantage of a guarantee unless you have a 90% acceptance rate. I actually feel bad for one of my regular fares. Used to be two, three times per week, I’d get an armchair ping from home.

Pick him up from his job and take him home. 30 minutes to go home-work-his place-my home for around $8. Not big money, but I wasn’t losing anything, either. Last time I picked him up, $4.22.

I don’t armchair on weekdays any more. I let a noob take him home now, which is worse for everyone, because I was always the closest driver. Now someone has to drive a LOT further to get a $4.22 ride.

I never go out to drive. Technically I quit but I am maintaining an active account.
I always turn the app on and ignore all requests. If I somehow find myself in a surge 1.7x or higher, I take the request.

the garantee requires you to have a 90% ACCEPTANCE, 1.3 OR 1.5 RPH depending on the day and times. The final metric the garantee requires is a 25% COMPLETION rate.

Come on people (literally everyone here), I hate to sound like an ass but damn I swear, it’s like no one really took 3 minutes to read the requirements to the garantee!!! Either that or you guys never fully understood your metrics aka the ins and outs of YOUR JOB in the first place. This is your business… act like it.

No, however I will try to have a pax cancel the request as much as possible. I will say things like “that’s too far, please request another driver”, “sorry I’m not going that way, please request another driver”.

Put me into the Quit driving, but will do a ride a month column. I figure that this way if the fares do bounce, I will be able to take part if its worth it. I do note that last year when they finally bounced back to $1.10/mile in Orange County, that the bounce rates were still lower than the original time rates, and the flat fare ($.80) was not restored.

While I hope that Uber loses the class action suits, I am not placing much hope in any substantial award to individual drivers. Traditionally, the only real winners in class action cases are the lawyer teams working for either side.

Maybe your city is different than mine, but if I have a 1.5 ride/hr requirement and I work 2 hours, but get three rides in the first hour, so long as I keep my app on for the next hour, I’m good for both.

The 25% completion rate was located in the fine print of the email on mine. however if yours does have one all the more reason just to maintain a 90% acceptance rating.