I started Uber/Lyft diaries where I pick up passengers and they write in this journal that I purchased


(Jack Dolen) #1

To my surprise everyone has participated in writing stuff in it which some of the stuff is pretty personal and heavy. It’s pretty interesting what goes thru some of these people’s heads. Only 2 people passed on doing it but some say it was a great idea because it’s a release to write stuff down while they ride.

(Mark Moore) #2

So far everyone has participated if you read some of the stuff they wrote you would be like WOW

(Kelly Hector) #3

Interesting. Along a similar vein, I started a rideshare blog to keep track of my more interesting passengers.

(Bector Ernest) #4

Yea. I might follow your lead on this one. Great idea, especially for those long rush hour rides.

(Melinda Foster) #5

Reminds me of Lyft Me Up! It’s a great way to help strangers interact and keeps them busy on the ride as well.

(Jonathan Green) #6

This is a fantastic idea. Turn it into a book or blog before someone else steals your idea. I work in publishing and have not seen a book or blog like this.

(Peter Nelson) #7

If you were to turn them into a published work don’t you need to get the people’s permission to use their writings? That would be cumbersome, and you’d likely not get as many people writing down their personal thoughts, at least not as openly.

(Harold Young) #8

If it’s anonymous & you edit it to change the way things are worded, there is no way a person could prove that they wrote it

(Dennis Scott) #9

The people I pick up would be throwing up all over the pad… not a good idea

(Allicia Lopez) #10

No need for a tip, get a sketch book and a sharpie and ask them are they willing to write something

(Jerry Hall) #11

Yea every driver should do that, have a fucking diary. That will sure pay the bills, but guess if anything the driver’s can compare the shit they write init. :slight_smile:

(Timothy Clark) #12

Everyone should do this it will avoid us getting bad comments and more 5 stars

(Harris Frank) #13

Do you only mention this to people on a long ride over 5 miles? Or do you bring it up even if they’re going 2 miles?

(Eric Moore) #14

I love it. Walmart has notebooks at the beginning of the school year for 17 cents a piece. I must have 20 of them.

(Jill Aron) #15

You can use a note book, whatever works. I used a sketch book for drawings which passengers have done. So far over 70 people who I’ve picked up have said this was a cool creative idea.

(Jose Hernandez) #16

There’s actually a car visitor guestbook out there on the market also which is cute but didn’t really get much response

(Anderson Lee) #17

I was skeptical, but it seems to be working. I’ve had 5 of 6 pax write in my journal. The one who didn’t was late for a flight and needed to sleep.

(Kenneth Miller) #18

Go to a Walmart or an art store and get a book or any book passengers will appreciate that you care and will give you 5 stars for this. I encourage everyone to do it.

(Paul Garcia) #19

I did the Lyft journal experiment today, and I was surprised that almost everybody participated. Only the person who needed to sleep and a lady with a broken wrist did not sign (I was driving her to the emergency room). I had over 10+ messages in the first day.

When I read the comment from EB, I almost started crying. So thoughtful. After the ride ended, I recognized the green leaf background in her picture. She was a Lyft driver. If you’re in here, Emily, cheers to you! You made my day. :beers: