I started this business as a fun way to make some extra money

I heard the Uber advertisement on the radio and thought…“that sounds fun”…at no point did I feel it was a get rich quick opportunity. There is no way I or anyone else could possibly get rich driving their car, unless…the car was given to them, gas was less than a buck a gallon, and there was NO chances of accident or vehicle break down.

Apologies to anyone whom I offended by my initial posts…I know times are hard these days in this land we call the USA…but everyday God allows us to wake up is a day that we can enjoy doing whatever we do…with a positive attitude!

Started at $1.40 now at .70 in under a year. I still do Lyft on occasion and only take surge rides on Uber. Think I’ve taken 5 uber rides since the second cut. You guys driving around for a few cents are absolutely delusional when you factor in time, wear and tear, gas, insurance and the risk you are taking. You can spout off all you want about enjoyment, opportunity and meeting people. It boils down to basic math and common sense.

I really used to enjoy it. I could pull in a few hundred over the course of a weekend and had a good time doing it. Now it’s not worth it, not even close. Then I see posts like these and realize why Uber can slash rates. There’s a fool born every minute.

When uber slash the rates it’s not up to them it’s up to the drivers,
if u keep driving means u ok with the fare
If u stop driving then they will fix it because they wouldn’t have enough drivers

That’s why I don’t drive for uber. If you’re a full time driver with a family and kids to support it’s not that easy to quit on a whim. Some choose to quit, some try to work the guarantees and surges(like mentioned above). But even those disappear.

Because they’re a bunch of miserable, whiny b****es (those ones who complain, yet still continue driving).

I’m with you. At $1.65/mile, 20¢/min wait, $6.00 min fare, I’m doing just fine and turning a nice profit. I can’t think of too many reasons to complain about ≈$10,000 in 5 months.

Most of the people who are bitter are ones who have been driving before the rate decreases. Truth is you just have to drive smarter
now with the rate cuts. Yes it’s obnoxious but what can you do.

Gaming the guarantee or the surges is driving smarter. You could also drive smarter at $0.90 by only accepting pings a few minutes away. So yes, by driving smarter, some people are making the rates work, but without other drivers driving “dumber” the whole system wouldn’t work. So the system HAS to have some amount of dumb drivers for it to work the way Uber is trying to make it work.

Drugs and alcohol only delay the progression to the next stage. A person could be completely stuck in one stage because they’re drowning their problems. Happens a lot in life.

Yep. At $0.90 a mile, Uber is essentially just reimbursing the driver for their car costs. With the time also being part of the fare, the driver may make a few dollars more an hour, but it would require driving smart to make anything over minimum wage. No-surges, accepting all pings, no guarantee gaming… you’re making a few dollars an hour. Nothing more.

Then you have the “morale police” saying by gaming you’re cheating uber lol. But anyone who can find a way to make decent money without killing your car, evening if it offends the 'morale police" the more power too you.

Perhaps the driver in AR needs to experience another rate cut that goes below a $1 per mile. Obviously he’s not taking the time to read other members posts, whose cities are at .90 and below.

You don’t understand this now, because you are a noob, but the people complaining about Uber are directing their frustration and anger toward the downward slope in the MATH. Whereas the people that complain about the complainers are, well, targeting the messenger. When you get more experience and wisdom, you will begin to understand why you are wrong now, and what it is (the MATH) that made you come around to common sense.

This is however dependent on your base. And if you are hitting $0.42 per mile on a Camay I would like to see how that’s being calculated. Because new vs used and what year play a factor in that.