I should start the trip soon as I see them under all circumstances

Quick simple question. Is it safe to begin the trip as soon as the pax starts loading their luggage? Especially in the case of a lot of luggage being loaded. I always started once everyone was seated but in cases when I’m picking up families and it’s taking 10 to 15 minutes to load what’s the best thing to do. Okay maybe that wasn’t a quick question. Lol

I took a girl to the airport once and she was like “are you gonna end it”…ummm as soon as you get out of my car I will!! lol

If they are loading and do damage to your vehicle in the process and realize it and opt to cancel you might be assed out.

People will drag their luggage out of the back and slam against my bumper and I have the scratches to prove it. Everyone does no understand how Uber and Lyft work as far as vehicle ownership. Had a pax tell me that she could keep her feet in my window because it belongs to Uber! #nomamnitdoesnot

I have been waiting to Cash out since Monday and still nothing. Had a long Premier round trip but I have had longer trips in the past.

It’s how soldiers knew when to shoot during the American Revolution. They were instructed to hold their fire until they could see the white part of the British army’s eyes so as not to waste ammunition since resources were scarce.

As soon as I see them coming out. It takes a second for the map to load and directions start and I want to go once they’re seated.

I start the trip after all luggage is inside the trunk and everyone is sitting down. Accord to Uber policy, you are supposed to start the trip after the rider(s) sitting down. I’m just following their policies.

I have had passengers tell me to start the trip (no luggage) because the wife is running behind and I won’t start it. Engage your passenger correctly and they don’t even realize that you have started the trip. We are talking pennies for the customer but if the question it let them know that you are getting the route loaded.

For .12/minute I don’t start the trip until they get in and I see what i’m dealing with. You don’t want to start it too soon and then somebody comes with a baby and no carseat or 5 passengers and your car can only hold 4. Fuck that lol

I wait until they are in the car and settled in…I have to see if they going to start talking shit. I’m not who they were expecting etc. That way if they talk themselves out of the ride it can be cancelled…no harm no foul.

Some want me to be a female. Some want me to be who I’m. Not.

I’m not a psychologist so I don’t know what be on some people’s minds. I’m just here to drive…If not “asa lam lakem”