I should have shown him how to report them

At about 7 pm tonight I picked up a blind man with a service dog in Red Bank. He told me when he called the first two drivers they hung up when he told them about the dog. If either of you two are in this group, I’d like to remind you it’s against Federal law to decline anyone with a service dog and you can be deactivated. Shame on you! :dog:

That’s something I would’ve went out of my way to do for the man as they send something out about it every couple months and I think to myself who would do that so I would’ve reported them for him

I picked up a pax who was going to Newark airport and she had a dog with her, even though it wasn’t a service dog I had no problem with it. I do hope who whoever refused even a service dog gets deactivated, especially when the pax is blind

Shouldn’t matter what their disability is - it’s against the law to refuse a passenger with a service animal.

I keep,a big beach tow; for service pups and I tell all pax who have been denied to complain to uber so they deactivate, he’ll im getting rid of some competition, I’m handicapped I got a driver deactivated for refusing to pick me up.,

I’ve had four drivers deactivated for violating handicap rules and I’m proud of that. Follow the law do your job…

Why should they have to do anything? This app is all about giving freedom to the worklife why then are we forcing things on people

Hell, I let non service dogs in my car.
He should definitely report those two drivers. Loss of driving, should at least be a consequence of their selfish, illegal actions!!!
I really hope you told him what they could/should do!

I really hope those scumbags get exposed, and deactivated, at the least!!! I would take.a guess and say that they probably weren’t…
Well you finish the sentence.
Remember, Seattle? Similar things taking place in certain cities across America.
Anyone who refuses a service animal, or any handicapped person should Immediately be reported, deactivated, and issued a hefty fine!!!

That’s sucks, i had picked up people and they had a dog not a service dog. I had no issue with it. People are soo rude.

I let dogs ride all of the time. (Not talking service dogs) My issue is that people don’t ask. If you want to bring a non-service animal in someone else’s car you need to ask first. The only people that have ever asked were people with cats