I should have known better not to take pool on this ride

So Im taking an uber (Im the passenger) from Bayonne to Elizabeth I look up to notice the driver going through Staten Island instead of taking the Turnpike. It was an express pool and it said the charge was 11 dollars. Are they going to charge me that 20 dollar toll?

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Greenlight Hub can’t do anything for rider accounts. If you’re charged for the toll you’ll have to contact support via email from the rider app.

Well they will get taken to small claims and pay out more money if my destination wasn’t nyc he should’ve never gone through I’m petty like that

From Bayonne to Elizabeth the gps always direct u through SI because is closer so the driver was just following directions!

not necessarily I’m not from that area so I would have just follow the gps and I have over 1000 rides also

Yeah that happened to me the first time I get into Bayonne but now I just follow my own route. Report it snd Uber will pay u back.

someone who crosses into Staten Island frequently, the toll for the Goethals bridge is actually lower than the toll for the Turnpike from exit 13 to 14A

Uber charges the $20 NYC/NJ surcharge twice, once for going into NYC and once for leaving NYC. They charge leaving NYC so that TLC drivers don’t refuse rides to NJ

I refuse to accept uberPOOL requests because those riders are the bottom of the barrel. Express POOL riders must be subhuman.

Who said I wanted your sympathy? I have no problems picking pool riders you get paid the same for either ride plus you get to promotions faster and I tip on every ride except this one

Gotta admit…its kind of comical!
Take the cheapest service and get charged 5x the fare lol.

very ironic only problem is deception on ubers part I didnt have the be there in a hurry. It’s cool I’m going to keep emailing they’ve given refund for smaller shit

It looks like going through SI is the fastest route according to Google, so I think you have to tell your driver a specific route next time to make sure this doesn’t happen.

I would punch somebody in the head if they Ever tried taking me through SI going from Bayonne to Elizabeth! FOHHHHHH

This is what happens to me all the time as a driver even just trying to get home to Woodbridge. That bridge is the devil.

What I don’t get why some of those people on this post would rather pay more for the exact same thing. I also take Uber Pool as a pax when not in a rush. What’s the problem with Uber Pool? Why should I pay more for the exact same service? Makes no sense to me.

Actually you dont know how much you make on pool. The breakdown is always blank. Until I see a breakdown on every ride like on UberX, I’m going to assume it’s less.

that’s the great thing about Uber Pool, if the second or third rider doesn’t show up, you get paid. And if they do, you also get paid an extra fee. It’s like a win-win.

The issue with you picking up a POOL ride is, that it works against us drivers. You say you get the promo faster. Ok…well all that promo is doing is averaging you POOL fare to a regular UberX fare. Your working against yourself dude.