I should have invested in a dash cam

I got a $100 ticket ($50 if paid before 11/22)last night at T1 pick up. He said I picked up pax in through lane when I was clearly in spot A9. He said it was on video. I’m gonna try to ask for the footage.

Good luck with that🤷‍♀️ they’ll probably procrastinate, just cause. Hope it works out though😊 Invest in a dash cam, save you lots of trouble!!!

when it comes to a case in court. ALL evidence is used. If you go into court and say you have footage showing otherwise the judge will allow it to be viewed. Don’t be silly just go get a dash cam smh

Goodness gracious. I agree with Chantell as well. I usually tell the customer that try to load luggage at the through lane that lemme park in the stall first and they love me for doing that.

I understand I saw a white Toyota Camry that did that last week blocked me when I was leaving and did the same thing. Honestly they ain’t suppose to do that to you. I usually park on any rows numbers 4 & 5 so the staff know I mean business

There are some real impatience pax, and I just point to a stall and they understand and wait til I’m parked. I usually don’t park on row A-C when it’s slammed especially outside of any row starting on 6 1 cause of the situation you and 2 I rather have them from the pedestrian walkway

They wont release any footage to you. I don’t know why even mention that youre ln camera when they are not even suppose to disclose camera location in the first place.

he never disclosed camera location, just that he got it on camera. I didn’t argue with that Robo cop. I keep my doors locked til the car shuts off so they can’t get in til I let them.
Not that I pick up at the airport.

They wont give you the footage. They will say its to far or something dumb. Fair enough if they do. Then i’m going to formally dispute it. We’ll see how this plays out.

I work only a thru c unless directed not to … IDGAF how many cars or people up there lol I park upfront to. It’s usually a car leaving and I keep it pushing on the paxs to a stall, unapologetically. They will only do what you allow.

fr because I dont got time 4no accidents idiots or the irrational go around me if you mad n bad :laughing: I see drivers doing this all the time, and give a wave to the cars blocked behind them like “give me 1 second”

I’m glad they are writing tickets for it :grin:

there are plenty of times when some drivers just point their cars towards a space and think they’re out of the way. I don’t know what the big hurry is that they can’t park their car load their passengers back out and leave.

I hate disrespectful ass like that… let’s cause a traffic jam so I can just put the car in park to load…i hope they start writing these tickets DAILY

I would have turned around checking for traffic at that very moment… whoops sorry didn’t see ya :expressionless:
What!!! Wtf!!! Hell no!!! I pulls off on them!!! This old man blocked my passenger from loading when he got there at the last minute and then called someone to give me ticket! I left with my trunk up

they’ve threatened me with a ticket once or twice before. Initially I was attacked by a rushing passenger and they got in the car etc. then another time I had advertisement on my car. They have so many unwritten rules lol

The only person that could help you out with that is Freddie kirtley she is the head of landside operations at McCarran airport and yes when you call the airport you need to ask for landside operations

Yeah good luck with anyone from Clark County Department of Aviation helping a rideshare driver with anything!!! They are some of the worst of our Clark County Government

I know I appreciate the thought but those folks have nothing but hate for drivers

No offense meant to you!!

Sorry I see what you mean now I agree with you 100% the only thing that got me out of my ticket was the fact that I had video and I threatened to sue Clark county, they took a look at my video and decided it was some fancy were they used for not justifiable, nowvthis happened 2 years ago,
and basically had to go through a bunch of hoops but at the end of the day I got my ticket dismissed but if it wasn’t for the video I would have been fucked

yeah she’s from the Netherlands or something like that, she’s from Eastern Europe I know that much.
They won’t show you footage unless you take them to court and even then I think only your lawyer would see it