I should have hit cancel

MY rules, I almost never ever never pull in driveways, especially ones that lead through a forest to get to the house, but I did 🤦🏾

2 young guys and 2 girls smoking their lungs out while telling me to “hold on”…smh, still contemplating my escape, which at this point would involve turning around in the grass and wayyyyy too much time…So I just froze…

They go in and out the house bringing about 9 suitcases, book bag’s, and any other kinda bags 🤦🏾 Regretting my lack of escape before instantly!

Then the girl comes out with the last bag…a carrier with her cat in it :roll_eyes: Before you :cat2: people attack me 🤷🏾 I don’t care, I knew the bs was coming…

They load in and my air is on blast and we start this trip, cat girl says, my cat wants fresh air :roll_eyes: ma’am the air is on, this is damn Georgia and it’s 96…everybody looks at her crazy and she sucks her teeth…

10 more minutes of the cat meowing…and I look up and the cat is in the back window. I say, ma’am you have to put your cat back in your carrier. Her friend says, I knew your stray was gonna be a problem. She tools her eyes and puts her back in, while saying the mean lady doesn’t want you to be free…smh

10 more minutes, ma’am he doesn’t like the carrier, I should take him out, I said ma’am, I have to continue to work, your cat will have to stay in the carrier…she then decides to have a tantrum…suck her teeth, and knee my seat …so I’m 2 seconds from putting her out, when she says I’ll just sale it for free :roll_eyes:🤷🏾 and puts her headphones on…

15 minutes of silence other than meowing and I look back and the cat is out the bag again…I attempt to get over to put them out and her friend sensed it and yelled at her…3 minutes later we arrived…

I 1★ the trip and in detail submitted the comment to Lyft why before they could.

Annoyed in the A today lol

No way your way more nicer then me. But you handled it amazing kudos. Some people need to be punched in the face

You are a champion and I’m positive this will change you for the better forever. I’ve found that that only time things go wrong for me is when I IGNORED MY INITIAL INSTINCTS.

Can you see how the first RUDE step of making you wait, was connected to the rest of this nonsense? Compromise breeds more compromise.

I’ll bet her cat needed more than air. It needed a doctor and meds.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Had a bird get loose in my car and attack me while driving… didn’t know he had a bird in that shoe box until it got loose…I was not pleased…

I had the sweetest old lady and her little terrier jumped up front and ran across my dash board. Had it been anyone else I would have lost it.

That should tell the cat woman something, even her new found cat was trying to get away from her. Was this at night or during the day?

Oh wow, Yeah that’s some Vehicle Tetris you played in the trunk back there I wouldn’t have blamed you if you had a thought of stuffing the cat lady back there too

That was a great story and I’m sorry you were put through pax hell. You have a great sense of humor.

Oh hell no!!! First off i would have canceled as soon as I seen all them bags. Then really would have cancelled when I seen the damn cat in the bag.
If I did decide to take them and saw that cat out of the bag walking around my vehicle, all of them would be needing the shoe leather express to finish their ride.

So would you say it was best they did’nt let the cat outta the bag?? Could not help myself :sunglasses:

Lets recap. Made you wait, overstuffed you, let the filthy animal run rampant, kicked your seat (display of violence), and a bad attitude? Yep…somebody is gonna pay for this in the future.:joy::joy::joy:

Two million dollar crib and you are flying cross country for a ski trip and you couldn’t afford an XL? I literally had luggage even piled on their children. Dad was 6 foot 6 squeezed next to me with luggage on his lap. Zero tip. Heeelll Naw. Never again. I was brand new then.

It use to be A friendly phone call before you show up, or even kindly ask in person when you arrive “Hey is it ok if my cat/dog tags along they’re very polite” Now it’s just sneak & seat like they’re sneaking in an under aged into an R rated movie. Especially at night I’m liable to glance in the back and it’s this random down just looking out the window riding

Unless it’s mine, no cat is getting in my car. The only dog I let in so far was about 3lbs and held the whole time. Pretty sure that was a meth head too but she was nice enough.

You would have a hard time avoiding driveways through forests here in Wisconsin. Let alone dirt roads running endlessly through the country.