I should have canceled this ride

Ordered an Uber ride near the Galleria at noon yesterday. Ride said the driver was 8 minutes away. Drive finally shows up at 15 minutes later. He confirms my name, and then asks me if I am going to the Airport. I said, “No, I am going to Clear Lake.” He says, “I’m going to cancel your ride, since it’s not an airport ride.” What the heck is going on? This is the second time this has happened to me in two weeks.

Always report , I’m sure this guy already have report of this behavior, that’s why he waited until he gets there , that way he don’t generate a record (log) of the call asking if you going to the airport, send an e-mail talk to somebody , this mother fkrs don’t deserve to be in the platform, 3 reports and they are out…

I would had been happy to take you to clear lake along with many other drivers. Report them all. Screen shot who your driver is so you can send that in the next time it happens. Heck you should record everything. Video does not lie.

Dude probably didn’t realize the distance between galleria and clear lake.

It’s actually further than the airport

He had his second phone waiting for him back at the airport queue lot. Didn’t want to lose his spot in the queue

I had a pax a couple of months ago ordered a Lyft, (almost same thing) she said Driver called to ask her destination.

She told me she didn’t really want to tell him because she really needed the ride (had to pick up her car from repair shop before they closed). To avoid him cancelling on her, she just asked him if he was on his way, he told her he was about 20 mins away and he couldn’t come get her. Mind you, her App told her he was only six minutes away - yep he cancelled on her!!

Makes me so mad! She reported him. It ended up being about a $32 ride, plus she gave me a cash tip.

They probably out destination to the airport on his app and it gives you pickups in the same area as the airport or same direction

I’m not into snitching and shit but, that asshole deserves to be reported. He must not know that you are aware of the Uber process.

Must be the airport mafia crew. They gotta make it back before their 3rd phone ping, don’t wanna miss that airport ride I guess.

why does all these crazy stuff happens to you? From somebody pulling a knife on you to somebody going in your car while at the tnc.

Well he must have only wanted to go to BUSH…cause clearly he didnt know he’d be passing Hobby…lol!!!

When you’re so smart you’re dumb!

I’m not sure if some are still able to, but it used to be very easy to fake your location and essentially get into the queue by faking your location, then going back to real location. He may have been doing that and trying to get a trip to bush which would pay his way back up to bush just as he was about to get his airport request.