I seriously think Uber discriminated against me

Question? I have driven for nearly 3 months and I have a total of 1,500+ rides. My rate is 4.82. I am a die hard dedicated driver for Uber.

I called the 800 number customer service to change my phone number. Was placed on hold. 5 min later the rep came on and said she needed to make some changes to my account. I said OK. All this time, I needed a change of phone number. This representative from UBER canceled my Uber Account and only left me driving for Uber Eats. I then recieved a email a few minutes later saying a background check has been ordered for my account. She taking me through the whole process again. Going on two weeks and still no background or info from Uber.

I seriously think Uber discriminated against me at this point. I have a great driving history with Uber. Why would Uber do this to a dedicated driver as myself.

I just want to drive again and I am on hold for all this time. Is there anyone I can speak with at headquarters to find out what went wrong. Please help someone! HELP HELP HELP!

Because that is standard procedure for them when you make a major change to your account.

How are you rated 8.2 out of a 5 star rating system? Also, what are your low ratings for? Specific complaints listed?

Man I’m gonna say this from your history as an Uber you about to be in the OG status once they get you back in over 1500 rides in 3 months. That’s the amount I made at that time too. I’m at over 2200 rides in almost 5 months dedicated ride or Die Uber driver 4.95 rating currently. Prayers going out to you sir.

Ratings sucks
They take you down 1 point if you had a feedback.And I don’t know how many riders/5 stars needed to gain that 1 point.I was 4.96 and now I am 4.95 for that stupid feedback.It is hard to please people.If you don’t talk you are not friendly, if you talk they don’t like certain topic.How to know they won’t like that topic.they just want to ruin your rating

Took me 3+ years, ubering with 6,000+ rides done, 4.96 rating to figure out that UBER sucks. Find yourself a real job and stop been a slave for $8-10 per hour killing your car.

They didn’t do that nonsense with me when I changed my number 6 mths ago

I had a rep waitlist me and went to the hub they removed it.n ext day I got the background was ordered. I think this ipo stuff they’re being extra cautious. Making sure all the felons they let on are now off

I signed up for Door Dash last night at 930 Pm and had my background check done by 1100Pm Uber and Lyft are just screwing around with the BG checks.

Do door dash. It is a quick sign up, orientation in the office and your good to go. I went on Lawrence ave. The lady there was real nice.

I don’t think there corporate office will help. You can only reach them thru the call center. I did Google there corporate and I tried to call. They referred me to the customer service. I wish you well. Are you signed up with Lyft.

Well you can change your number from the account there was never a need to call them in the first place

TOTAL BS. so sorry this happened to you! How can a rep get it SO WRONG!..

I would try n go to an Uber office and drink free coffee till they sort it out

(In a thick Indian accent): “Hello, my name is Steve, thank you for calling Uber support. I am sorry you had this problem, I will process that request right away, thank you come again.”

Short answer is no. After two years I was on hold waiting for a stuck background check for three weeks

Have you checked email? I couldn’t get into my Uber driver app, went to website and it wants my SSN for background check. Background check comes back in email within minutes, saying I have 7 days to respond and fix this with Checkr… because Checkr is showing my DL as surrendered. Nah. That was 2 years ago when I moved from one state to another. So they have no record of my new DL? I’ve submitted it thru Uber app with new license photo and registration, insurance… WTF?! I called Checkr and got it fixed.

Here’s the website for Checkr so you can see what they have on you… and the number.

Buenas suerte, Gabriel!