I see that gas card charge hit! How negative are you?

I threw that shit in the trash bout a yr ago I think lol. Seriously a trap. But it does come in handy in emergencies. They sent me a notice saying they’ve noticed I haven’t used it… I’m thinking… I’ve heard the stories…I’m good!

The card comes in handy but you have to be very careful with it. If you don’t have the right mindset you will fall victim. They’ll get their money by noon tomorrow.

You will fall victim if they don’t take it from u in over a week…why is that ok?! Seriously…i wish it was deducted soon after u use it…that would make more sense…

It would be okay if they took it out like they should…but they do it twice a week one week and then not for another week and a half!! I wish they would take it out Sunday before they did our pay…someone isn’t doing their job at uber!!

I have the Lyft fuel rewards card. I’m straight. No Ubet card. Uber income id in a seperate account from main checking. I use it for gas as well.

And I only use premium gas. Trusted mechanic told me that it is best for us drivers to use the best fuel because we drive so much.

Look running premium gas 2 times a month is great for your car even if you use regular normally Not every time and different cars have different ratios at which their cars burn fuel so if your car is coughing it’s not burning all fuel properly.

Food for Thought
Since Uber is not consistent with deducting for gas expenses daily I would suggest having a credit card just for ur gas. This would allow u to have full control of when u pay ur gas expenses. U still would need to be carful and monitor gas expenses but there would not be any surprise deductions for gas. U then could pay ur gas expenses daily or weekly and avoid interest charges.

Doesn’t matter when you pay it. You spend it so it has to be paid. I’ve learned not to do instant pay everyday so I rarely notice it anymore.

Umm yes it does! They need to be as responsible with their with-draws as we should be with using it… :man_shrugging:t4:

That makes 0 sense. If you had the cash it’s spent. If you spend with cc it’s spent. We make money everyday so doesn’t matter when it comes out its spent money that you should not be counting.

Exactly!! It’s money we spent on gas so we should be prepared for it to be paid back whenever! I don’t even use it that much now and i don’t instant pay either so i don’t notice deductions

interest is applied to unpaid balances. Terms are typically net 30. So instead of being caught off guard; is person can pay on their balance at will during that 30 day period. Especially since some are caught off guard and needed that money that was taken unexpectedly

That is 2 months of use. Personal fill then on a weekend it’s cleared I drive with lyft I’m liking the lyft platform more by the day. I was with uber to begin with but the brand continued to screw me so ventured away. We will see

How do you get out of this I didn’t know anything about it I went to cash out then I had nothing in there I’m confused? Oh y’all are talking about a card I didn’t read it right never mind I went to go cash out my earnings from last week and for some reason they weren’t available for me to cash out and I looked at my account and they never deposited so my money just disappeared I just didn’t know what happened

If you don’t cash out by Monday at 4am you get direct deposit which comes on Wednesday. Won’t show until Tuesday evening

Yeah you’ve gotta control and keep track of your use of it and it’s hard because of the way they sporadically deduct what you owe

I stop fucking with that card unless absolutely necessary. I keep seeing this QuikTrip credit card though. Gonna see what that’s about