I refuse rides to all parties with small children unless the parents provide their own child restraints

Reason - if, in an accident, it is later established that the driver fitted the child seat incorrectly, or restrained the child incorrectly, or the restraint device was later found defective in any way, and the child is injured or killed, that driver is going to be hung out to dry.

On the other hand, if the accompanying adult provides the device, fits it to the vehicle and then retrains the child, then the driver can rightfully claim that the accompanying adult is responsible. In sue-crazy US of A it’s not worth taking any pointless risks.

That should be a good way. But we are travelling many cities, so we can not bring the booster seat with us.

When I travel I take responsibility for them and their accessories.
It is unreasonable to expect someone to hang on to the booster seat for you and return it at some later date. Offer some kind of compensation and you may find some takers.

Checking around for an uber with a booster seat may work, but would likely take some time and I assume you would be on a schedule to get to the airport so I would have a plan B.
My car/booster seats stay at home when I am ubering.

Does any of you mind? If someone ask you if you have booster seat when you repond to the request. If not, they ask you do not respond again and cancel and then make an other request.

I have no problem paying the driver $10 if he could stop by sometime and return the booster seat to front to of my house. Is $10 too cheap? I assume their base is around my town.

I would just put him in a seat belt and leave it at that then…
$10 sounds too cheap, but if it is someone who is nearby it might be ok…

Didn’t realize that the OP was a rider. I doubt many, if any, drivers carried a booster seat with them; because most people take too much luggage with them and the booster seat would cause an issue for anyone without children.

However, I recently had a passenger that made an extra stop on the way to the airport to pickup her middle school daughter; the daughter entered the car with an oversized and heavy book bag … mom said “now you’re going to have to lug that for the entire trip” …

I offered “if there is a secret place at the house, I can drop the book bag off when I come back to town” … mom said “great, text me and I’ll open the garage door for you”. Mom gave me a decent $50 tip for my trouble; though I was willing to do it for free since I lived a few miles from their house.

Now I know I should not in the request/cancel mode. We will only take train or bus in Europe, so it should be fine there. Anyway, I think 49 inch boy should be fine to wear just seat belt.

while I’m not advocating you use just a seat belt for your son; if you do, make sure that the lap portion is across his waist and the shoulder portion goes under his arm (so that it doesn’t cause undue stress on his neck, since he’s not tall enough for the belt). *some cars have adjustable height on shoulder portion, adjust the height if possible

Very Slim chance any driver ; taxi , uber , lyft , Any driver will have this for you … we have faR to0 many pax’s with tons of luggage or items to really have room for this .

I have 2 kids, however I do not keep my car seats in my car.

  1. It’s the parents responsiblity to have them, not me. If you don’t, I’ll cancel
  2. I don’t know what sicknesses/illnesses your child has, and I don’t want my kids catching it.
  3. In the 400 or so rides I’ve given, I only had 2 with kids, with 1 that needed a boost/car seat that the parent brought. Compared to the couple dozen rides to the airport that needed my trunk for luggage.