I recommend drivers should get dashcam with audio and 2 memory cards

I am now 9 months driving uber/lyft and a few sidecar trips, i have 11 years driving taxi plus 2 years as a bandit taxi (posting ride ads on payphones in downtown riverside ca) and 6 years as head of shipping and receiving for big warehouse with 60 doors, close to 20 years dealing with the public, Don’t get into a word battal with passengers, when you call lyft are email uber to report the problem, you don’t what it to become why did you say this and that, pull over to a well lighted and safe place, if lyft cancel trip, if uber try to get client to cancel trip, if client will not cancel then you need to end trip, do not drive around with the trip still on you driver app,

It’s your car your car, your company, your rules, yes pull over and ask them to leave. Bat if they cancel it then you can’t be rated, but either way key support know why you did. I have ended trips early. Left the, at a gas station Normally they are the drunks

I agree with all but this last part. Drive to the nearest police station and call the cops. They will come out and remove the offending a$$ hole. Try to make it a station in the opposite direction the pax was going to.

Hey, you informed them that the trip was over. If they insist on illegally staying in your car they take their chances on where they end up. If they TOUCH you then by all means feel free to kick their a$$. And as mentioned DASH CAMERA. All important tool for ride share.

I’m not from the 1800’s so I’m not certain what “blunderbuss” is but if you have a dash camera with audio recording - as you should - then you have it on video that you told them to get out.

All liability on what happens to them after is on THEM not YOU. Their there unlawfully but hey if you want to spend the next 2 to 6 hours - depending on how busy the police are and how long it takes them to find you - with a panic alarm going off which people are generally conditioned to ignore then be my guest.

I start recording audio on my phone right before PAX gets in. App runs in the background and records everything.

I think the most important thing is, THINK about this BEFORE you need to do it. That way, when the situation comes up, you will not be flustered and will be able to act quickly.

Always have a plan. Think about the plan, know where safe public areas are. Police stations, fire stations, 24 hour grocery stores, etc. Note that depending on where you live, not all fire or police stations may be open 24 hours.

Outside of a hospital ER is also good. Think of places that are very public, where people will wonder why there’s a car alarm going off right outside their door and will investigate, or the grocery store/gas station that have people right there, and big windows where people can see into the parking lot.

I tell someone to get out of my car, my property, and they refuse that ends all talk of kidnapping. They are not allowed to hold YOU against YOUR will.

No, dumping a PAX is not kidnapping.

You have the right to refuse service at any time in CA.

I have dumped more than one. Usually at the next corner.
I dumped one out on Sea World drive. I am sure that drunk, stoned on E or ketamine PAX had to walk a bit. I am pretty sure he was too stoned to order another car.

You are doing it right, you drop off as soon as possible, you don’t go driving around looking for a good spot, You are dropping passenger because passenger is a problem, if passenger is a problem, than why are you driving a problem around in your car, Think.

It’s not illegal to drive your own car to any location you please especially after you’ve revoked the privilege of the problem pax to be in your car. From that moment on THEY are breaking the law. As was suggested you don’t have to take our word for it, go ask a cop or two.

Check your local laws. If you are in a two party state your recording could be tossed out in court. You may have to post proper notices in the car for it to be used in court