I recently started delivering UberEats

I’m debating turning it off permanently. I find that I often drive a long way to wait for an order to be ready and then drive a mile or 2 to make the delivery. These deliveries pay less than $6. Sometimes you are expected to deliver to an apartment in a highrise. This often creates new problems (parking, access codes, etc). McDonald’s orders are NEVER ready and the staff is less than polite when you complain to them. I’m quite sure that I received a 1 star from a McDonald’s delivery because I complained about a 15 minute wait. I have found if I have to wait more than 10 minutes for the order to be ready and complain to Uber about it, they will pay you an extra $5 (keep this in mind if you deliver and wait for an order more than 10 minutes). I have received this extra $5 twice. However, I just don’t think food delivery is worthwhile. It’s frustrating and very few tips. What’s everyone’s thoughts about UberEats?

I opted out fairly soon after it opened here in my area. Same exact situations as you described. PLUS one night was sent to incorrect address at 3 AM and even though the lights were on in the house I went to…everyone was asleep. I was greeted with a gun in my face! NO THANK YOU!

How do you opt out. I opted in by accident. I have deliveries unchecked so I don’t get any, but I’d rather opt out.

If you have to wait for more than 2 minutes. I am out of there. If they do not show up to get food or not where they say it is suppose to be. My food now.

I just opted out last week and they begged for me to stay. I said no way no how. Not enough money for me to drive that far to pick up and then only a few blocks to drop off and no tip or enough for gas

I’m signed up, but it isn’t popular in Galveston, Texas. It was my understanding the order was supposed to be ready when you arrived. If that’s the case, I’d never wait. I would cancel the second I knew I was waiting on it.

Its poor planning. Delivery is absolutely time consuming and the pay doesn’t compensate. Ive never had a tip on delivery either.

It might be less bothersome in smaller cities than large ones. Not as far to travel and few to no high roses.

Food dudes does this and driver gets a flat $4 plus tip. But the default tip is 15%. And it is mostly high class (see expensive) local restaurants.

Never. Ever. Wait. For. Food. If it’s not ready, there’s an option for that on the app. I just cancel it, say it’s not ready and gtfo. Food vendors need to have the food ready for pickup.

If you have a problem with parking tell them to come downstairs if the dont cansel after 10 minutes keep the food

Really annoying they want you to park in some parking garage or either figure it out yourself and risk getting towed. before I signed up for Uber i used to work for this shitty ass company called favor and it was basically Uber eats but way shitty.

The only time this eats seems to make sense is if the amount of rides coming in is low. Because some income is better than none between rides

Uber should care about how long a restaurant makes you wait, delivery is all about speedy service. I have had customers bitch about what is taking so long when it’s only been 20 minutes (on a pizza). I’m like dude it takes at least 8-10 minutes to just cook the thing even if we are not busy.

Ubereats launched aug 20th here it is profitable on slow days and less traffic times mondays i do 14-20 deliveries and make about 75-100$

If it was a 10.00 set charge just to deliver on top of regular charges then maybe . but delivery for 6 bucks no way no how.

I do it every night during boost I used to do it all day average$50 a day I’m unemployed and need money so I hustle for the money

It depends, I went online last night and went out looking for business at 7:30. I did not get my first ride until 10:30. Even after that I did not really get busy until bar close, such as it was. Big $104 for 8 hours work. Only a $28 ride pulled the night from complete crap to merely meh. At times like this it would be nice to have an active Uber eats to keep busy. I would rather make some money than none. Could have filled some of that time just sitting.

I concur, the Uber Eats delivery is a complete waste of time, you travel to far for a $10.00 meal and the customer hardly appreciates it!

I try it in san francisco and i was so frustrating cause of parking no way im doing iy agai. I text them to get me off the uner eats