I read a post earlier about a female driver being assaulted. This hurts my soul


(Jeremy Mwan) #1

I primarily drive at night.To all ladies driving at night…i implore you to get a personal defense device - taser, stun gun, pistol, mace, pepper spray, whatever is legal to carry. Forget what ‘policy’ is. Also, may I suggest having a male driver buddy who is also driving at night to communicate with? For instance, going to pick up a male pax with no pic? Screenshot and text that to your male driver buddy. Going to a sketchy area? Text your MDB. Just want to do it every ride? Ok. Only a suggestion. Safety 1st. I’m available at night. Starting next week, I’m available on a limited basis due to new day job.

(Lisa Markee) #2

That’s exactly what my boyfriend and I did. Well, he stopped driving but I still have full access to him. This is a really good idea. I think we should really get it established. When I was driving I rarely did nights because I just didn’t feel good about it. However ladies you do what works for you just be safe.

(Jack Dolen) #3

Most Bluetooth devices like the LG tones will connect to two devices at once. I roll with my burner phone in the door pocket and my other phone on the mount both connected to my tones. I always keep the left one in my ear for directions. Should a problem arise I can just call 911 on the burner phone and talk like nothing is going on.

(Mark Moore) #4

VIPERTEK VTS-195 - 230,000,000 Heavy Duty Stun Gun - Rechargeable with LED Tactical Flashlight https://www.amazon.com/…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_lFOrzb1A46Z79

(Kelly Hector) #5

That seems like a really good deal. Even if you carry a gun, something like this should be your first alternative. You do not want to draw a gun on someone unless you intend to shoot them. A GUN IS NOT A DETERRENT!

(Bector Ernest) #6

This is a great idea. I drive at night, only on the weekends, but I don’t like it. I like driving early morning, but I have a 2nd job. I think a Male buddy driver is a great idea, but I don’t really know anyone. Any volunteers?

(Melinda Foster) #7

U right…i honestly feel like ppl dont try me bc i have such strong presence and personality. I wish tf a mf would tho…I would GLADLY offer him head, and bite his shit off :laughing:

(Jonathan Green) #8

Anybody looking for the flashlight tasers i got the hookup in union city…he selling them for $20. Usually hangs off Roosevelt highway

(Peter Nelson) #9

The shit that really pisses me off is that rates are so low drivers run their cars into the ground and barely have a profit margin (if any)…it’s almost like we pay them to be assaulted, molested and abused. I know there are some bad drivers out there, but the shit a driver will put up with is ridiculous because they need to pay their bills. And to punish you by being deactivated when you have been the victim of an accident or a crime.

Yet Travis can take a 3 month sabbatical and still refuses to add in app tipping. And Lyft seems to be getting more and more disrespectful. It’s heartbreaking. I hate to see decent hardworking people treated this way.

There is a lot of opportunity in Atlanta. Construction everywhere, movies, etc. Make rideshare a side hustle at best. This could possibly accomplish 2 things: reduce the supply and drive up the prices or just put you on a path to success cuz this is not it. Go to school. Get you some loans if you have to and change your life.

(Rant over. Sorry y’all.)

(Allicia Lopez) #10

I’m a female who only works at night and nothing has ever happened to me but it’s always a possibility but I feel sorry for the person who tries it

(Jerry Hall) #11

Keep a gun. I keep my lc9 and it’s gotten me out of some sticky situations.

Remember you DO NOT need a permit to keep a loaded (legal definition of loaded is a round in the chamber, not just the magazine) gun in your car.

Remember that.

(Timothy Clark) #12

More importantly is you need a partner to assault you while you in the drivers seat. Defending yourself in close quarters takes some practice especially if your right handed.

(Harris Frank) #13

This is why I’m so discouraged driving anymore period! But I will start back soon. I just won’t be driving at night. People are crazy! It’s good to have a weapon but I just don’t want to go through what this young lady has gone through. For all the ladies that are driving at night, please be careful and like this gentleman stated fuck these rules when it comes down to protecting yourself. Clearly Lyft or Uber don’t care about our safety! Happy driving guys❤️

(Eric Moore) #14

I drive at night and I was waiting on this fool to try me Sunday. I had to put his ass out with my hand in my pocket holding my knife. I be ready to pull this west side of Chicago out on a mf real quick lol. My gun coming soon. This is really nice and thoughtful of you to post this, but ladies never forget our own power! We got this​:fist:t5::100: