I prefer Pax at back seat

About 40% of my passengers want to sit in the front. I have no problem with it although I have a Corolla so it can be a little compact. If they are bigger then it means sometimes when I try to change the AC settings I might hit against their leg or something. That can be very awkward so I try to avoid it! lol

A trick I saw here:

Move the seat all the way forward and put some highly visible things in the front seat in order to discourage people from sitting there. Most people will just sit in the back.

With most pax, not only do I not mind them sitting in the front seat but I actually prefer it. Granted there is that one in 10 pax that I would prefer to ride in the trunk or on a rack on the roof LOL

The only issue I have is if a single PAX “demands” to sit in the front. I personally see this as rude and presumptuous. It’s usually from people who use Lyft for some reason. My car seats four “normal sized adults” comfortably and if they need a little extra space I will gladly accommodate.

I doesn’t bother me if a rider sits up front even if they are riding solo. What does bother me is if they are by themselves and sit directly behind me. Usually they are positioned so that I cannot see them in my rear view mirror. They just sit there in silence…it creeps me out.

About half of my single PAX sit in the front. I find that if they sit in the front, they’re usually friendlier and want to talk, in the back seat means they typically want to be left alone. I drive a minivan, so there’s plenty of room in the back.

Practice your delivery of how to best deny the front seat to passengers <4 in number. This is very doable. Even if you continue to struggle at the communication, your rating isn’t going to be hit enough to be deactivated (unless, of course, you manage to be highly confrontational and botch the whole thing by having a major incident). 4.75 is no different than 4.85.

I also prefer pax to sit in the back but if they want to sit up front, sure why not.
what I don’t like is when they start touching my stereo or climate controls. a famous black guy said to a famous asian guy don’t ever touch a black man’s stereo. not in this case. dude was just switchin channels and volume, crankin up the heat as if it’s his own car. dude was also a good 100 lbs on me and maybe a good foot taller, not the fight I wanna pick.

You shouldn’t have more than 2. If you already have a matched ride, with either of them being a single rider, I don’t think it’s possible for Pool to add a 3rd or 4th matched rider at the same time. At least not until one of the pax disembarks.

I’ve had up to 3 different pax at one time in my car. Not often, but it’s not limited to 2 where I am at least. I understand the rule to be however many seatbelts your car has so with that rule, you could have up to 4 (in my car which has 5 seatbelts).

I’ve never ordered Pool, but if they are confirming how many seats they need then so be it. I’m opted out for a while now so I’ll never know the pleasure of having 4 separate Pool strangers in my car at full Pool capacity.

Yeah the app tells them they can sit in the front if they want. When they sit in the back I notice I get a lot of dirty looks from cabs at red lights. Not so much when they are in front. Sitting in the back makes it obvious they are Pax.

I honestly could care less where they sit so long as it is legal and they have a belt. Your car, your rules though, OP. Don’t think I would ever down rate someone for it though.

I’ve had single riders come up, look at my vehicle, and ask me if they should sit in the front or the back. I tell them they are the customer, they can sit wherever they are most comfortable, it doesn’t matter to me. And it doesn’t, personally I’m fine either way.

Honestly i have always allowed it with 3 or more passengers total…
No need to squeeze 3 adults in the back when you have a front seat.

There’s way too many passive aggressive drivers up in this b!tch! Who cares where a passenger sits as long as they’re respectful and chilled??? If you have a 4 passenger door with 4 seats, passenger should be able to sit anywhere. If you’re paranoid about a passenger sitting next to you or behind you, maybe you shouldn’t be driving uber in the first place.