I never offered a bottle of water or candy

Have a 4.93 rating. I have extra chargers for iphones 5 or 6 and only if your a cool passenger will I even offer. It is hard enough to make money and then have to pay for water and candy. Also I don’t want them drinking in my car or getting candy all over it not to mention empty wrapers. One passenger asked why I didn’t have water or candy. I told him why don’t I just give you the ride for free. It was a minimum fare.

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4.88 no gum, water, foot rubs. I do have a spare Android charger for a backup, but will let pax use it if they ask if I have one. No iPhone charger

No water or candy. I don’t mind someone using my charging cord, but I’ve only a droid one & an iPhone 5 one that my kid left in my car because it’s an aftermarket one that won’t charge his phone. I also have an empty slot in my charger so if you have your own cord, you can use that.

I’ve only had like 3 pax ever use any of that and all were extremely grateful. I offered because then they were able to enter a destination into their app (as they got in, they mentioned their phone was dying and that’s why they hadn’t put in the destination).

I also generally have gum on hand (for myself and my kids) and have offered it to pax a couple of times. These were times when my pax were talking among themselves and one asked another for gum. When they didn’t have any, I offered up a piece.

No free shit and if they use my chargers that I bought and then didn’t tip, that cost them a star. Using my shit, including my trunk, means I better be compensated. You pinged me for a ride and anything beyond that , besides me being nice and cordial, means I better be paid.

If you are Uber X. Keep a clean car, good personality, and I ask what music they like if its a long trip. I do have a cord for Iphone. It cost me $14.99 at Best Buy.

How sturdy are those vent mounts? I made the mistake of buying that $10 on at Walmart with the green sticky pad on it. Ac and humidity makes the damn phone fall off sometimes so I’m buying a new one tomorrow and returning that pos

I broke down this weekend and bought some gum and mints. It was $5 for what’s probably a year supply… about 4 cents for a stick of gum. So far I’ve had nobody take me up on a mint but three riders have accepted gum. I don’t ask everybody.

No way am I offering any extras. They’re paying for a RIDE, nothing else. I’m also a real estate agent and don’t allow clients in my car because of the liability and how rude people can be. One client left her candy wrapper in the door of my car.

One Uber pax did the same. If they get in and have drinks, food, or anything else then I ask that they keep it put away to reduce the risk of any spills and such. Still have 5 stars.

I keep mints in my purse for my personal use and offer them if someone has bad breath and they won’t shut up. If they’re sick then I expect them to have their own tissues as mine are for ME. No one has asked me for water or anything else, not even a charger.

I say he looks more like a guy who hangs out at a playground full of kids, using that Nabi tablet to entice them. Maybe he’s also a medic and is prepared for anything. IDK, but it’s way creepy!

I got it at best buy for around $40. It clips onto the vent and has a balljoint that holds a magnetic plate. Then you place another magnet in your phone (I have an otterbox case, so I put my magnet between the hard case & the silicone sleeve). Because the magnetic plate is on a ball joint, you can position it exactly where you want it.

Now with lyft, I try to remember service industry and people that use my shit and don’t tip. Next time they lose a star and possibly 2 stars if I don’t care for them. That way, I don’t get them again. Love that Lyft feature.

I have a Walmart vent mount. It has clips that slide over a single louver on both sides of the mount. It doesn’t have a swivel function, aside from moving the vents. It also was a tad pricey. But, it gets the job done.

$5 big lots . Rubber piece goes over the single vent. Not sure how long it last but it was worth $5. I might go for a higher end that holds my phone better.